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Calculating Macros & Biohacking for Weight Loss

Calculating Macros & Biohacking for Weight Loss

Calculating Macros & Biohacking for Weight Loss

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Tracking Macros and More – Intro to BioHacking – Thomas DeLauer

This is another typical YouTube video.” No, this whole thing is going to be different, but logging your food is important. The Journal of Diabetes Research actually published a study that found that when people logged their food, there was a predictable linear weight loss, okay? They were able to see the trajectory of weight loss compared with those that were sometimes tracking or not tracking at all, but still reducing calories. There was undulations, and it was not predictable. It was erratic.


Now there’s another study that was published in Nutrition Education and Behavior Dietary that found that use of smartphone apps even improves this more. So, by using smartphone apps, now we can start really seeing trends and people that use the smartphone apps have more food awareness than those that don’t. Food awareness is the first step of biohacking and being able to know your body inside and out.

Here’s some interesting facts. When it comes down to weight loss, if you are sleep deprived, even less than just six hours, like just not that sleep deprived. You have a big increase in CB1 activity, which means you have endo-cannabinoids that are being released in your body that’s making it so that food now tastes better. You get more reward from the food. It’s very similar to having the munchies, right? It’s just for some reason, you want to keep eating because you’re getting some kind of satisfaction out of it.

If you’re measuring your heart rate variability, you’re a serious person, okay? And you can combine this all, right? So heart rate variability measures the length of time between beats. Now you want to have a high degree of heart rate variability. High degrees of heart rate variability mean that your heart has flexibility, has flexibility to adapt.

You look at guys like Ben Greenfield and guys that are, really even Joe Rogan that are big into the biohacking world, they’re monitoring all this stuff. So now imagine, okay, we now have looked at our sleep. We’ve now looked at our glucose, we’ve now looked at logging our food, we’ve measured our ketones, and now we’re starting to measure how recovered we are because the heart rate variability is going to go down as you’re less and less recovered.

So, it’s an indicator of when you can work out hard and when you can’t. It’s a great little number to know and again, it can plug right into that Heads Up dashboard if you are using that too.


So utilizing all kinds of cooling techniques, cooling blankets, cooling pads, cooling mattresses, cooling pillows, but then also taking showers before bed so that you can start manipulating your body temperature. Then, of course the next step is experimenting with taking ice cold showers, so that you can get a sympathetic nervous system response, all while monitoring your heart rate variability.


So, I highly encourage you to start small and make these changes. And don’t be afraid to be a biohacker nerd. It doesn’t mean that you have to be strapped up with a bunch of wires and cords and meters. You just test yourself and you figure out where you’re at, and then you have it with a simple dashboard so you can figure it out.

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