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Can I Lose Enough Weight to Find Love? | Obese (Australia) S1 Ep6 | Only Human

Can I Lose Enough Weight to Find Love? | Obese (Australia) S1 Ep6 | Only Human

Can I Lose Enough Weight to Find Love? | Obese (Australia) S1 Ep6 | Only Human

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Hosted by Deborah Hutton, BIG gives six morbidly obese people a second chance at life. From day one, a weight-loss expert and trainer will take over their lives and stay with them for 12 months, 24/7. There will be no escape or backing out in the mission to turn around the lives of these people and their families forever.

BIG is the ultimate lifestyle-changing program. It offers no contests, no prize money, and no hiding from the temptations of everyday life.

In one-hour episodes trainer Lee Campbell works with someone who weighs 150-250kg and desperately needs help. During each episode their 12-month journey to a healthy body will be revealed step by incredible step. This epic transformation will not only totally reshape their physical appearance but completely alter their inner perceptions, their relationships, and most importantly their outlook on life.

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  1. Its so incredible that 22 years old can look like 40 something, serious bodily harm with food. I hope that Bonnie keeps up and finds real joy.

  2. 'Tell me how you got into this position' …'oh i eat like a pig' …'oh that's normal, i see a beautiful girl ..bla bla bla ' …lol what ?

  3. Since when the waist is on the hips lol To add more drama and could say "Your waist is 161 cm"?

  4. She would not have Walked out of your Home like she did if you hadn't been such an unapproachable, judgemental so-called "Friend" – think about that!

  5. Totally interesting although this is probably edited the trainer whilst positive was I agree other comments quite tovic off camera chats this is a ALL too a common indulgence 4 many!!! opinions are not facts it's her journey I wish her luck.

  6. U should loose weight for urself not to try and find love if somone loves u they will love u at ur bigest and encourage u to be healthyer so the title of this bellitles and shames these people into thinking they dont deserve love when they do

  7. But also on the flip side,you can't blame other people for your failures. Once you admit that you are own obstacle then everything becomes easier

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