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Can you really lose weight through hypnosis?

Can you really lose weight through hypnosis?

Can you really lose weight through hypnosis?

News 8’s Darren Kramer spoke with a weight loss hypnotist as well as several former clients who swear it works.

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  1. You definitely can! It worked for me once and I just had my second daughter and plan on doing it again and also exercising it’s not all the hypnosis but it definitely gives you this boost and helps the self control 100%

  2. She makes eye contact and yet she's autistic? Ok. As someone who has actually been diagnosed with ASD, and taken extensive therapy regarding said diagnosis, I call bullπŸ’©. Maybe the hypnosis works, but she's definitely not autistic. I really hate when people claim to have ASD without having an actual diagnosis. πŸ™„

  3. Bottom line? If these folks are losing weight and continue to lose weight, are able to come of medications due to obesity (diabetes, hypertension) then I’m all for it! I hope the therapist is able to continue her good work and all those folks are healthier for it.

  4. shame on her. she needs not use a real disorder like Autism to make money. Oh look at me I have the MS. I make the best shaken martinis. come to my bar and restaurant…. shakeys

  5. Studying hypnosis weight management specialist better sleep used hypnosis 32 years ago still sober our subconscious mind is there

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