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Can You Stay Fit By Drinking Alcohol? | Alcohol & Fitness | BeerBiceps

Can You Stay Fit By Drinking Alcohol? | Alcohol & Fitness | BeerBiceps

Can You Stay Fit By Drinking Alcohol? | Alcohol & Fitness | BeerBiceps

BeerBiceps is called BeerBiceps because I believe in a balance of lifestyles. Be a tiger in the gym but a panda on Saturday nights.
How to drink alcohol and not get fat.

Too much of anything is bad. Even though fitness is and will always be my biggest passion, I believe that you have to blow some steam off once in a while. Keeping NEW YEARS EVE 2016 in mind, I’m releasing today’s video about how to STAY THIN but have a hard night of partying at the same time. Even with the most hardcore diet and exercise regime, if you know the SCIENCE of fitness, you can afford to drink as much as you feel like, and wake up the next day, LEAN AND SATISFIED.

People who gym, generally know the tricks. But this video is primarily for novices. These life-hacks can be used by both MEN and WOMEN to drink freely, without the fear of getting a beer-belly. Let BeerBiceps explain.

I do not support or recommend alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol and fitness ideally don’t go hand in hand. Bodybuilding and alcohol, even lesser. Ideally, its not meant to be in your body. What I do recommend is happiness. And happiness comes from balance. Just how too much fitness is bad, too much alcohol will lead to many bad things. Including that belly fat. Know your limits.

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Happy New year in advance 🙂

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  1. Wow !! What a journey !! Ranveer now😎 and Ranveer then 😇!! Change is the ultimate constant!! And if that change is in the positive path, that helps the whole mankind.

  2. 1st time heard some one who is not demoting alcohol during weight loss routines. Instead this encourages one to be more mindful, keep balance and have fun too

  3. I'm working in a bar as a singer. Everyday i drink beer and after long night of drinking woke up on the next day going to GYM walking and do the cardio. Ist ok

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