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Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight & Get Shredded

Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight & Get Shredded

Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight & Get Shredded






Don Saladino breaks down the do’s and don’ts of effective weight loss.

Don Saladino is one of the busiest fitness trainers on the planet. His high-level talent in training individuals lead to big results – so much so that he’s become a go-to celebrity trainer for A-list stars like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. A big factor in making a celebrity look like a superhero is through dieting them down to look lean and shredded. So what kind of key advice can we take from Saladino’s methods to help those out there struggling with weight loss? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Don Saladino breaks down the ultimate tactics to lose weight and get shredded.

For a lot of people, building muscle mass is the fun part. You get to eat more and slam heavy weights as your muscles start to blow up. But building mass is only half the battle in looking muscular. To look truly impressive, you want to lower your body fat percentage and start looking shredded. That’s when the massive muscles really start to look monstrous on your physique.

Unfortunately, for many out there – weight loss is the hardest element in staying fit. Literally millions of people struggle with this everyday. There are a lot of tactics out there ranging from diets, to cardio routines, and more. But what actually works and what should you ignore? That’s where Don Saladino steps in.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that cardio is the key to losing weight. The reality is that the proper nutritional diet is the fastest way to see results. Properly balancing your calories types of food can bring massive weight loss results – much faster than the few hundred calories that cardio cuts out in a half hour or so. Cardio is still an important factor in overall health – especially when it comes to your heart and lungs. So don’t skip out completely just yet.

Don Saladino explains that the best tactic is to rotate between different training methods. Weight and resistance training is actually an important part of weight loss. A big mistake that most people make is skipping the weights and only do cardio. That will only lead to frustration and slow results.

Saladino suggests rotating between resistance training, medium interval cardio, and high intensity interval training (or HIIT). Mix that with a proper diet and the results will start to come in shockingly fast. Weight loss won’t happen over night – but you won’t find yourself struggling to see a pound drop off the scale.

This isn’t necessarily an easy solution. It still takes hard work and consistency. Eating right and putting the effort in for training nearly every day is the only solution to getting trim and shredded. So first thing you need to do is look in the mirror. Are you stuck on losing weight because your not pushing hard enough?

If the motivation is there – Don Saladino’s advice will ensure that you’re maximizing your time for the best results. Whether you want to drop a few pounds or transform into a shredded beast, make sure to listen to Saladino’s words closely. They will help you go from frustrated to empowered in no time.

Check out Don Saladino’s full advice in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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  1. Don is a cool dude. He’s trained some huge celebs. Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson and many others. I am glad you interview guys like this instead of self proclaimed gurus telling me to take diuretics. We all know what that leads to. Take a look at that Valuetainment interview on The Olympia promoter and how Flex Wheeler lost a kidney

  2. I'm a health professional, I've been an RN with my Masters in nursing, for 14 years, and I've been into bodybuilding and fitness since I was 17, I'm 46 now and one thing I've learned is you CANNOT use a one size fits all with nutrition or training, or even recovery and something like hydration. I have constantly tweeked and altered my training and nutrition and recovery the more I figure out what works for MY body. I've never been a trainer for someone else but I think everyone is different and everything from diet to exercise routine needs to be customized to the person. Think how ridiculous it would be if everyone were told to wear the same size clothes. They would be tight as hell on some, baggy on others and fit just right for some. The same goes for body transformations, learn what works for you. I'm at the stage where I incorporate full day fasting, usually one fasting day every third day and the other two days a huge caloric surplus mainly of animal protein and high fat and low carb, with my training being two ridiculous high volume days, two moderate intensity and volume days a light steady state cardio and body weight exercises day and two full recovery days in a 7 day period. But it took years to refine and figure out what worked for me

  3. All of these fitness coaches LOVE to talk and preach for literally hours about things that are so freaking simple:
    Count calories and macros, lift weights, be consistent and mix up your training routine every few weeks.
    That's it. There are thousands of videos online while there would be one enough that's no longer than 60 seconds.
    But i guess fitness folks have to justify their existence.

  4. Body weight resistance and walking is all it takes and good diet and fast. There is famous acter who actually says this. 5 lbs and 5 weeks is not alot. Dry fasting would work, if doesn't eat muscle.

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