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Diabetes Drug Ozempic Trends On TikTok As Weight-Loss Drug

Diabetes Drug Ozempic Trends On TikTok As Weight-Loss Drug

Diabetes Drug Ozempic Trends On TikTok As Weight-Loss Drug

The search term Ozempic has more than 300 million views on TikTok with some users crediting the diabetes drug’s side effects for their weight-loss success. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports for TODAY, and Dr. Natalie Azar joins to discuss the possible safety concerns.

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  1. Take Saxenda or wegovy for weigh loss and leave the diabetic medication for those who really need it. This is sad

  2. Everyone wants a nice body but most aren’t willing to do the work in maintaining healthy diets or consistent physical exercise

  3. Oh gosh….these wend from buying thick bodies to trying to get skinny. How find some seldom esteem 🙃 at this point.

  4. I've never struggled with my weight, but I would absolutely try this medication to lose weight fast if I had a problem. I think that's a normal response.

  5. I thought you had to have a perception for insulin? This is how the CFC inhalers got banned i needed those to breathe and you needed a perception for it already ☠️ so now i cant breathe and im diabetic whats going to happen if it gets worse & i need added help if maintaining my sugar intake becomes out of my ability anymore im gonna need a ER but that wont help probably hospitals dont even give you the inhaler i need when you get an attack so what do you think is gonna happen when this gets further outta hand

  6. Ozempic has been a life saver for me being a type 2 diabetic. It is upsetting that there's a shortage especially for ppl like me who actually use it for what it was made for

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