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diet vlog: -5kg in a week, no workout, diet journal | indonesia

diet vlog: -5kg in a week, no workout, diet journal | indonesia

diet vlog: -5kg in a week, no workout, diet journal | indonesia

[TW: ED]

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hi friends! i’m a new girl so welcome to my channel, it’s Lily here.
I’m sharing about my diet that I’ve been doing since a week ago, and probably will make more in the future, so welcome welcome to the diet journey.

nothing much here,
but thank you so much for stopping by 💖

i would love it if you drop a comment about anything! don’t be shy friendziee

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  1. 블로그를 다운받았다는 알림을 보면 내 행복이 시작된다 사랑해 ،❤️🥳🥰🍊😘

  2. As far as know, one shouldn't take vitamin pills on an empty stomach because it can upset your stomach
    Btw I loved your video☺️good luck

  3. Also, if you eat less, than your body needs in order to function properly, you will only loose MUSCLE INSTEAD of FAT. So in the end, you will actually have MORE body fat than before the diet and less muscle weight than before

  4. Most of the 5 kg have to ne Water weight. It is Not possible to have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories PER DAY without working out a TON. 7000 calories would be 1 kg of fat. So 5kg of fat would be 35.000 calories you would have to eat LESS than normal. This would be 3.500 calories per day for 10 days. Even with working out, this is nearly impossible. To stay healthy you would have to eat AT LEAST 1200 calories, so you would have to burn 4.700 EVERY DAY at least in order to loose 5kg of fat in 10 days. Impossible without working out.

  5. Please sama banget kaya aku lebih baik makan nya dikit drpda olahraga,krna olgar itu cape juga dan ga konsisten buat ngelakuin olahraga wkwkw

  6. Saran ya kak lebih fokus ke lingkar tubuh aja jangan herat badan karena berat badan gampang bagt naiknya ntar yg ada malah stres,dan jangan makan di bawah bmr karena takut masa otot nya ilang,dan di imbangi olahraga untuk membentuk masa otot ,karena masa otot yg bntu membakar lemak

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