Lose Weight Fast

Dog Keeps Losing Weight Despite Eating | Animal in Crisis EP5

Dog Keeps Losing Weight Despite Eating | Animal in Crisis EP5

Dog Keeps Losing Weight Despite Eating | Animal in Crisis EP5

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Environments have a big impact on dogs

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  1. Подлец,бросил собаку,преданного друга,вот он и заболел,от предательства и тоски по хозяину…..слава богу, забрал назад,но собака все равно не уверена до конца в его верности…в верности хозяина..он пока не весёлый,не улыбается,…потому что знает,,,случись что этот любимы его хозяин опять может его бросить…..доберманы…доги…немецкие овчарки …да и многие другие породы,но особенно эти не могут жить после предательства хозяев,….как правило они погибают

  2. Favourit part in all kritter klub videos : rescue part, treatment part, sad part, funny part, THE WHOLE VIDEO and..

    (^O^)THE CAPTION(^O^)

  3. For how long was the dog living with the Son?
    Is the dog use to being around the Son’s kids?
    Was the dog use to certain foods @ a certain time?
    If so, suddenly changing a 🐕 environment with someone else would cause the dog to go in depression.
    It’s not about the new location but the fact that the family he’s familiar with was now gone.
    Even tho the son didn’t leave the dog with a stranger.
    The new environment was strange to the dog.

  4. It is sometimes hard for humans to move from a place where they felt comfortable and start all over and to know pets feel the same emotions is knowledge. Because he missed the lady's son and he felt safe. The only thing we wonder why they are doing so poorly though but they can't tell us we have to guess if everything is all good with his blood and organs and appetite. We have to guess. See after he moved back with the son and children he started improving, we don't think maybe he might be depressed until he see a specialist! I believe he was used to a routine with running and so forth. When he moved with the Mom he no longer ran. Some dogs thrive around a lot of noise.

  5. Que lindo,o amor que os animais demonstram pelos humanos,é lindo de se ver,é pena é nós humanos não sermos iguais,que não é o caso destas pessoas,que são bastante preocupadas,com o cãozinho

  6. I hope the mother reads these comments and see that we all knew how much she loved the dog. It was nit her fault. I’m sure she will an amazing owner for another dog. 😊

  7. We haven't seen our Sassy since the 4th of July weekend 2021. Shes a quiet shy dog. Never barked at nothing. Without me I know she's in a deep depression where ever she is. We truly miss you Sassy girl.

  8. pobre señora, no llore usted hizo todo lo posible. nunca había visto un caso así pero supongo se sentiría abandonado por su primera familia, no es por nada que la señora hizo mal. un abrazo para los esta mujer.😘😘😍

  9. Một con cún bị tâm lí xtreet do ko được ở với người chủ mà mình thương yêu nên đã bị sụt cân, sụt cân nghiêm trọng… khi được trở về với chủ cũ e í lại tăng cân nhanh chóng… thật sự là mình cũng rât yêu chó mà mình cũng ko thể tin sự việc này lại có thể sảy ra…. đúng là câu cac cụ đã đuc kêt sau hàng nghìn năm là '– KHUYỂN,MÃ TRÍ TÌNH –' Tức là giống chó cùng giống ngựa sống có trí khôn, có tình nghĩa…

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