Lose Weight Fast

Dr. Paul Saladino Explains How to Lose Weight Healthfully

Dr. Paul Saladino Explains How to Lose Weight Healthfully

Dr. Paul Saladino Explains How to Lose Weight Healthfully

Joshua and Ryan discuss how to lose weight healthfully with Dr. Paul Saladino, MD. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at http://patreon.com/theminimalists

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Video for Do You Lose Weight Fast On Carnivore Diet
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  1. Just interment fast and eat 2-3 meals of carbs/protein/fat. You don't need to be crazy going all meat.
    Just fast 5-8 hrs after waking up so u save ur calories.

  2. Keto should not be followed by healthy people, and there must be medical supervision. If you want to get rid of fat or cellulite then definitely try the Agoge diet, it worked wonders for me..

  3. Weight watchers fails because it’s too complicated for anyone who doesn’t care about food to execute day after day. Meat satisfies. Not complicated.

  4. Doin carnivore 6 months it has changed my life .
    I was suicidal 8 months ago.
    Now i run no depression i mean zero.

  5. fiber and protein are both equal in the satiaty. When eating enough protein (Daily recommended amount) Carbs don't effect satiety negatively that is just insane. Fruits , vegetables and whole wheats contain fiber that is very satiating. Even better, eating high volume foods with low calories (vegetables) effects satiety very positively and this is a common effective practice to loose weight.

  6. I just hit 11 months on Carnivore and I have lost 60 pounds and I have zero inflammation left in my back from a herniated L4L5 and Arthritis. My skin and liver issues have completely healed and I feel like I’m 20 and I’m 43!

  7. He said you tap into a high level of stored fat when you are in ketosis? This to my knowledge is not necessarily true. You will tap into stored fat with any diet if you are in a deficit. You can be in ketosis and gain fat if you are in a surplus. So whether your in ketosis or not has no bearing on whether you tap into stored fat or not.

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