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Dude Loses 100 Lbs. Jumping Rope

Dude Loses 100 Lbs. Jumping Rope

Dude Loses 100 Lbs. Jumping Rope

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  1. Man i would never stop jump rope again because jump rope really burn the hell out of you. Never give up and trust the process

  2. Hey..I been jump rope for weeks..and I am overweight..everytime I jump rope..my legs feel so hurt..so much in pain..I still keep on going the next day thinking the pain will go but still it hurt..what should I do with the pain?I really want to change my life with jump rope because jump rope the only that is fun for me to keep on

  3. Thank you for the motivation man I’m currently going through my own weight loss journey 6 months ago I was 275 now I’m 155 no gym at all I just uploaded my first YouTube motivation video and I’m nervous about it lol still don’t feel 100% comfortable but I’m working on it 🤘🏻

  4. I bought a crossrope, as a matter a fact 2 of them. I get a little nervous because I have an awful diet even though I am a medium size guy with high blood sugar. I am 48 and about 30 lbs overweight. I am concerned that with being type 2 about going after this too hard. I am an all in kind of guy and don’t want to accelerate a heart attack. 10 years ago I was in the best shape of my life but depression and sedentary life style has taken hold. Looking to change that. I will grab the program. Thank you.

  5. Thanks JRD and PJ Navarro! I've been going through my own transformation the last 6 months or so and in general things have been great. Recently, I've been struggling for motivation just grinding in general. I woke up today wondering where inspiration was going to come from, and lo and behold, JRD was in my inbox with a transformational video that really hit home. Thanks, JRD for what you guys do, and keep up the good work, Mr. Navarro!

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