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Eating Disorder LAXATIVE ABUSE Dangers You Should Know

Eating Disorder LAXATIVE ABUSE Dangers You Should Know

Eating Disorder LAXATIVE ABUSE Dangers You Should Know

Eating Disorder LAXATIVE ABUSE Dangers You Should Know // Purging and laxative abuse is unfortunately common for those with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. But do you know the risks of laxative misuse? Eating disorder laxative abuse is serious, and know the possible eating disorder laxative effect is important for your recovery. If you’re in anorexia recovery, bulimia recovery, or binge eating recovery, check out this eating disorder laxative guide!

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  1. Eating disorder laxative abuse is no joke. I hope this video brings you some encouragement in you eating disorder recovery journey.

  2. I stopped taking laxatives after abusing them for 2 years for treatment of chronic constipation. Two days after stopping them, I resumed normal bowel movements – yeah! However, I gained 8 pounds in 5 days and have fluid retention or edema in my lower abdomen. Now, it is four weeks later and I gained an additional 2 pounds and the swelling of my abdomen won't go down. Will it ever return to normal – I look like I am pregnant – help!

  3. I’m 350 6’0 tall and I’m A Bulimic have been for 21/2 years the most weight I’ve lost was from 350 – 286 in less then 30days . It’s horrible I deal with this alone I can’t tell anyone . And it’s horrible I’m so desperate to lose more weight I started abusing laxatives and yes it works but these side affects sucks

  4. Laxatives helped me when i was insanely backed up. I bought them, and I pooped 9 times that day and never stopped. It caused me to start dieting.
    I cut carbs and high fat foods while taking laxatives and ended up losing 58 pounds from january to june.
    Now when i dont take them i get anxious because im so used to feeling empty, and anything inside me just grosses me out.
    Any way its been 4 days since i took any and i potty less, but i am still able to which is a good sign to me because i wasnt able to the last time i stopped.
    I started exercising and continue to diet because id like to not feel like i need the laxatives anymore.
    I went from a slim slender body as a kid to 137-148 in hs. And got up to 220 in my late 20s. All anyone would talk about was how fat i was. Especially my mom. She finally called me beautiful for the first time since childhood, so i kept taking them.
    More recently, I hit a brickwall in terms of weight loss, so im going to continue diet and exercise to treat my body well. I got freaked out when i couldnt go after stopping laxatives and it scared me enough to realize that that wasnt good. Weening off in hopes of greater health and allowing myself to love my body. Good luck!

  5. Hey lads,I am struggling due to my health and I hope you guys can help.
    I started feeling constipated during the month of June and my doctor advised me to take laxatives.my doctor advised me to take laxitol syrup,he told me to take only one full bottle of it and not to use any more, but I accidentally drank the whole two bottles and when the second bottle was finished I even bought another bottle of laxitol syrup from the med store and I drank half of it.I stopped it after my body stopped reacting to it and so I got scared and went to naturopathy,Ayurveda doctors etc. and someone suggested taking polyethylene glycol so i took them for a week and stopped it .One of my friends told me about laxative abuse.I didn’t know the consequences of using this would have been so serious if known I would have not used it this much.what should I do from now,can anybody guide me or help me if this is laxative overdose what can I do to help heal my body, how much time would it take to heal my body?.by the way after stopping the medicineI am having bloating,constipation,diarrhoea,heart pain,shortness of breath etc.
    above all I don’t have the confidence to go out and eat with friends or hangout
    My friends don’t understand the seriousness of my situation and keeep calling me out everyday . please tell me how to heal my body

  6. I remember I got very ill one time and I lost so much weight because of it and thought I wish I was sick all the time 😞

  7. Hi there, thank you for a video on such an important topic. I have struggled with laxative abuse throughout my eating disorder history. I feel like it is my final hurdle to overcome…it's almost like I've held onto it, and I want to let go of it but I really don't know how to. I get so bloated and gassy already and am scared about how I will feel without them and that my body won't find it's rhythm again. Is there anything you can recommend for bloating and gas during this process to make the physical aspects a little less triggering? Thank you.

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