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Egg and Grapefruit Diet | Crazy results!

Egg and Grapefruit Diet | Crazy results!

Egg and Grapefruit Diet | Crazy results!

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Hey guys!! I did a 3 day diet that consisted of eggs and grapefruit! I lost a lot of water weight on this diet! I definitely recommend if you want to lose water weight and bloating. My stomach definitely got flatter after this diet.

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  1. Hey guys! Comment down below what other diets you’d like to see! I love y’all and thank you for watching ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I was wondering how tall you are. Personally I think you look amazing and that this did well. I was laughing about your 5# c19 weight. try 20#ssssssssssssssssssssss I guess the stress of all this d e a t h is so sh ocking that I've been shoving it literally. thanks for posting very interesting. btw did you put johnnys on your eggs? I don't know if I could eat eggs without salt.

  3. The 3rd day is the most important & worst day bc of ketosis. these types of challenges should go for at least 5 days so that your body doesn’t just fall back into its old routine after that crucial 3rd day transformation

  4. Instead of eating the grapefruit, I drink the pure juice (not from concentrate), 1 cup and 3 teaspoon if bragg vinegar. You will start shedding pounds in 2-3 days and then it starts. Drink water a lot and it can be done. You are also training your body so stick to it and you can lose about 15 lbs in 1 months. Do not starve your body. If your body is asking for food, give it calories but not carbs. Boiled 2 eggs, cut up some celery sticks and eat. I did that and shed 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I was also power walking 2 miles a day.

  5. This is basically extreme keto so of course you’re going to lose weight. If you basically eliminate carbs from your diet and reduce sugar to a minimum your body goes into shock and starts burning fat for energy.

  6. What time do you eat breakfast and dinner?
    I heard metabolism works differently depending on what time you eat your first and last meal.

  7. I started this diet today. I weighed myself this morning- I'm 148. I threw away all my junk food (my 8 year old will be pissed). Will update how I do!!

  8. I need to lose 40 pounds…start to morrow..its 1 18 am…im sick of being over weight…i just about gave up till i saw this video…im not motivated i dont want to get up out if bed!!!! Going to sleep. When i wake up I will dragg my depressed upset self out of bed an do this im 185…be like whoo hoo getting slimmer oh yeah baby😍😍😍

  9. Just started adding grapefruit with a sprinkle of salt on top of it to my breakfast , my husband and I have been watching I Love Lucy reruns and notices ths grapefruit with their breakfast. I remember watching these older cartoons like Tom and Jerry, and notices the grapefruits too … must be 40s/50s thing 🤔

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