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Exercise, Less Belly Fat Keeps You Out of Hospital, New Study Finds

Exercise, Less Belly Fat Keeps You Out of Hospital, New Study Finds

Exercise, Less Belly Fat Keeps You Out of Hospital, New Study Finds

Scientists in Sweden analyzed health records in over 279,000 subjects finding a strong association with low fitness levels and higher belly fat with increased odds of severe infectious disease.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

0:00 intro
0:16 Fitness, Belly Fat and Poor Outcomes
0:17 Media has ignored these studies
1:15 Science on healthy living matters, too
1:43 New Swedish study in 279,455 adults
2:10 UK study showing exercise is protective
3:23 Kaiser Permanente Study on Exercise and C*19
4:32 Belly Fat, not overall body fat is the issue
5:15 Belly Fat and C*19 outcomes
6:21 Closing gyms is bad policy
7:02 Mechanisms as to how exercise is protective
7:18 Everyone’s risk is the same is a lie
10:00 Electrolyte promotion ends soon
11:09 Swedish study: low fitness is a problem
12:16 Death rate in Sweden (this data set)
13:01 Low fitness, large waist circumference and poor outcomes
13:26 Study summary: LISTEN TO THIS
14:14 Underlying health conditions were a major driver
15:45 Why isn’t exercise, healthy living being promoted?

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