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Face Transformation 16% to 6% Bodyfat / How to lose Face Fat

Face Transformation 16% to 6% Bodyfat / How to lose Face Fat

Face Transformation 16% to 6% Bodyfat / How to lose Face Fat

In this video I want to share with you my Face Transformation from 16% to 6% Bodyfat and telle you the only way ( the thruth ) on how to lose Face Fat. I will tell you the Story of how I cut down to 6-8% bodyfat and was able to lose face fat fast.

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  2. whoever said you were not attractive is fking crazy. Clean youthful skin, great symmetry. If you are the low end jesus wtf is the high end? Even though I have a 1/Billion chance of
    1. Getting into that country
    2. Making a living
    3. Dating and then marrying whatever the high end is.
    4. Having children that look better than me and more unique.

    I'd really love to be part of that country. I don't even care if I am discriminated against. I already am in the U.S.A. I might as well be surrounded by fit beautiful people. Than the fat slobs here.

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