Lose Weight Fast

Fast weight loss vs slow weight loss – advantages and disadvantages of each

Fast weight loss vs slow weight loss – advantages and disadvantages of each

Fast weight loss  vs slow weight loss –  advantages and disadvantages of each

Weight loss magazines and marketing. And just the speed of life has us all messed up when it comes to weight loss. We’re programmed to expect the biggest results with the least amount of effort. I’m not a fan of suggesting fast weight loss but I am a fan of losing weight fat lol.

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  1. I was doing fast fat loss, losing around 2 pounds per week. However, it came with a lot of drawbacks. It affected my energy so much that I could not perform very well at work (sales job), which in turn was affecting my income. It also was affecting my relationship because I was tired/stressed out and would get irritated easily and just did not have time for my GF. My performance in the gym was declining as well. I switched to a moderate deficit and feel MUCH better, and am going to continue to try and lose around 1 pound per week moving forward.

  2. I’ve been changing my life style for the past 33 days, I’ve been upset that I’m only down 7 pounds but this video made me feel a lot better about what I’m doing.

  3. I have a long term and short term it’s going really slow I’m 14. I want to go down from 233-170. Any advice I would appreciate if you answer. How should I potion my meals. I usually have bake chicken, salmon or chicken cutlet for dinner. For breakfast it’s just eggs. I also drink a lot of water it’s just going slow right now. How can I stay disciplined on the weekends ?

  4. I just want to lose 5-6 pounds a month for 6 months then maintain it. Awesome video. I'm never crash dieting again. I have fasted a few days just to get rid of sugar cravings and that sets me up to eat properly without cravings.

  5. Just started my weight loss journey so far I’m learning my body and enjoying the process….only a month and 1 week in and went from 311lbs to 294lbs by just being patience and enjoying the process I watch your everyday to help keep my focus and the results are keeping me motivated.

  6. Don't do tha most….do tha least…consistently, and then build upon it. GOT IT! Thank you so much for this. I can say I've done it both ways and when you said that we should "enjoy" the journey and positive changes we are making, it sealed it for me. I'm going slow this time, but I'm so happy and secure this time around. I'm proud of myself. Whereas, my first time I was stressed about losing it so quickly that I was obsessing and fell off. I'll get there…just gotta keep pushing.

  7. This was so motivational! I’ve been trying to find motivational videos for slow weight loss because I know I usually see results after 4 months of good dieting and consistent exercise. Every video I kept finding would just say "maybe you’re just doing something wrong". This video was what I really needed to say "you’re doing just fine. Keep going." Meaning that even if there were mistakes I was making, at least I could change them on my journey instead of giving up. Thanks, man

  8. Yikes! I think I might be over-training. This past week I have been exercising once in the morning and then again at night. Usually the morning is more intense and the pm workout is lower intensity. What I discovered is…I literally did not lose one pound in a week (which is a bit discouraging considering my intense efforts) and the other thing is…my back will begin to SERIOUSLY hurt to the point where I can barely finish the workout. I read somewhere that people with insulin and adrenal issues should only do low intensity exercise and avoid overdoing it. Looks like they might be right. The added stress on the body is making it want to hold on to fat, not release it.

  9. Love this video! Just stumbled on it.. I’m slow… 50 lbs in a year and still pushing and this rings so true! Respect!

  10. Most of the time when you binge eat it’s sugar addiction. Fast food places uses it to make us hungry etc. why would losing slow mean you will keep it off? Losing is losing at least to me. It I’m not a trainer

  11. I didn't give up any good food just controlling the calorie count .lol April 2019 356lbs Feb 2020 311 I'm in slow motion.

  12. I lost 4kg in 6 months which is little compared to a lot of people but at least I don't feel like a nearly dead man in the process.

  13. Fast weight loss is not as bad if you're morbidly obese. After you get to a "non dangerous" weight u might take it slow.

    I've been there. Fast and slow mix up is a really good thing. Everybody is different tho I'm someone who is as stubborn and proud as a man who thinks he is on top, so I do only speak for myself.

    I think anyone trying it is on the right track.

  14. I really needed this. It’s a great reminder for me. I have only lost a few pounds over the past few weeks but I’m going to keep at it to change my lifestyle. Fast weight loss has never worked for me in the past, I always gain it all back.

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