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Foods to avoid if you have gallstones

Foods to avoid if you have gallstones

Foods to avoid if you have gallstones


Your gall bladder is a small, pear-shaped organ that collects & stores bile from your liver. Any issues in it may lead to the formation of gallstones, and even cancer. So it’s a must that you take care of it! If you are detected with gallstones and need to know how to control the issue, here are 5 foods you should avoid. It will also help prevent gallstone pain.

Red meats: High in cholesterol and fat, they may make the gallstones bigger and hence more painful. Choose fish or chicken instead.

Butter- or oil-based gravies: Again high in fat, these are not good for your gallbladder health. Strictly measure the oil while cooking, and avoid butter altogether.

Nuts: Their fat content may do more harm than good if you have gallstones. So avoid nuts completely.

Full-cream milk: Opt for double-toned milk for your tea, coffee, lassi or chaach. Also, do not have store-bought mithai.

Cheese: Pizzas or pastas are not a good idea at all when you have gallstones. Substitute with paneer or tofu wherever possible!

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  1. Not really..I have 2 small Gallstones and eat most everything, but I can't over eat nuts, meats or cheese or I know I will have an attack.

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