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Gastric bypass surgery: the procedure

Gastric bypass surgery: the procedure

Gastric bypass surgery: the procedure

KING 5 producer Chris Zito allows us to come along on his weight loss journey.

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  1. I saw that there are several types of surgery, this type of surgery. This operation and removal. I'm just wondering which is the better surgery out of the two? What after that? Do you drink vitamins all your life? Are you eating normally with this operation? My cousin had an operation, but not this kind. And she doesn't eat anything because she's not allowed. She has to either feed or water, and in addition, she drinks a lot of vitamins and some pills for the rest of her life.??Does anyone know the answer?

  2. I'm sitting in the office in FL and I'm so scared I have no family no support but I think I may follow through I'm crying because I'm scared and I keep thinking what if I don't wake up it's alot going through my head

  3. Wow pills the restore your life, invasive surgery.. eating healthy and exercise is the easy way out not this. Seriously why put ypurself through that just get motivated and stop eating everything in site .have some will power

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