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How to Exercise a Horse | In this video, learn some of the best ways to exercise a horse and get them in better shape. If you need some ideas for helping your horse build muscle, this is the video for you!

How to Lunge a Horse Without a Round Pen –

How to Lunge a Horse With a Round Pen –

How to Teach Your Horse to Lunge –

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  1. I love doing shoulder/haunches-in for muscle building. It really helps my horse engage his core and use the inside hind. Great video! I’ll have to try these exercises!

  2. i have been doing all of these exercises frequently with lighter exercises in between for about two years, but my horse still don’t have any muscles along his top line. he gets good quality food that a professional recommended me giving him and he’s happy and healthy overall. idk what i’m doing wrong

  3. I love this video and I think I'll find it really helpful

    My trainer found a horse she really wants me to get and I most likely am but his owner he has now that are trying to get him to a better home are scared to jump or even canter so for 2 whole years he hasn't jumped or cantered until recently to see how he would do after so long since when he was younger he was an amazing hunter (around the ages of 6-10 and now he is 16) but with that gap that he hasn't done much exercise he is really out of shape and kinda rushes to jumps but luckily I have sorta felt with that before and I have an amazing trainer who is willing to help me and make this a good learning experience

  4. This is how I exercise my horse. When I go out to get him from the pasture I'll trot him up then lunge him

  5. Thank you for this video! My horse is about 21 years old and I only started riding her again recently. She doesn’t like to trot, partly because she’s lazy but I think it’s also because it’s hard for her right now, because of both her age and how out of shape she is. I can’t wait to try these exercises with her!

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