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Gluten and Weight Loss

Gluten and Weight Loss

Gluten and Weight Loss

This video will explore the relationship between gluten-free diets and weight loss. The presentation will begin by covering the basics of gluten (e.g. what gluten is and what proteins it is composed of). We will then proceed to examine why gluten is beneficial for our health and why it should be a part of our diets. Then, we will delve into exploring why, if gluten has numerous health benefits, it is still somehow associated with weight loss. We will differentiate the weight loss seen as a part of gluten-free diets due to lifestyle factors from weight loss that is achieved due to avoiding gluten. After this, we will explore the cons of a gluten-free diet and will conclude by discussing how to eliminate gluten from your diet in a healthy manner.

This video was made by 4DM3 students Edwin Wong, Spandana Amarthaluru, Charife Rabah, Sumeya Mukhtar, and Ubaid Mohammad

Please let us know how you liked this video and suggest additional topics for us to demystify below.

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  1. If you’re not celiac, I no not recommend gluten free ”diet”, you’ll be missing so much.

    Also, I don’t get why gluten free diet is associated with weight loss, because it does the opposite with people who have celiac?
    Because what gluten does to a person with celiac disease is it ”cuts down your intestinal hair” (yeah I was a kid when I got diagnosed and this is basically how they explained it to me so don’t @ me) and because they’re cut down, they can’t absorb all the vitamins and all essential things which keep you alive. So the food you’re eating, doesn’t get abrobed and if you keep eating gluten, you die soon. But when celiacs swich to gluten free diet for the rest of their lives, the ”intestinal hairs” grow back and the you’re gaining weight again.

    That is what happened to me. I was INCREDIBLY skinny, until I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I was able to get gluten free food, I am now normal weight. So, this might not be with everyone, you might not be skinny and still have celiac, but after a long time when your body doesn’t get all the vitamins and other stuff from food, you die. That’t what gluten does. Again, I might be wrong, might not be with everyone, but if you’re not celiac, don’t start gluten free diet. You’ll miss out on all good foods. Storebought gluten free bread ain’t even good.

    Sorry about my bad english, I’m from Finland

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