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GRWM | Why I can't lose weight…PCOS Diagnosis, Diet, & Treatment

GRWM | Why I can't lose weight…PCOS Diagnosis, Diet, & Treatment

GRWM | Why I can't lose weight…PCOS Diagnosis, Diet, & Treatment

GRWM | PCOS Diagnosis, Diet, & Treatment | Does PCOS make you gain weight?
Today’s GRWM I did not see coming. I recently got diagnosed with PCOS and decided to Share my story with you. I have heard and read a lot about pcos and am anxious to be on this journey. Since getting diagnosed with pcos I have watched many women share their stories and wanted to bring mine to my channel. PCOS is more common than I thought, I wish I was officially diagnosed sooner and would like to spread awareness on it. I have made diet changes and started treatment for PCOS. If you have a PCOS story you would like to share feel free to comment below.
pcos topics I plan on covering are polycystic ovarian syndrome weight gain , hormonal acne, hormonal imbalance, other polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms, polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis, pcos dark skin, getting diagnosed, being on metformin , my diet, & treatment.
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  1. Ladies, take vitamin B, magnesium, eat almonds, and oil your scalp over night before you shampoo the next day. Deep condition your hair once a week and steam your hair while conditioning. Tell yourself you love yourself. Love your hair. If you don’t love your hair unconsciously or consciously your body WILL KNOW and react negatively because of lack of SELF ❤️ LOVE 💕

  2. Hello, how are you today? Using Dr. Isibor alternative herbal supplements and cleanser was the best decision ever, no side effect cure me totally from hirsutism and acne now i am so full with joy overcoming it all .

  3. Hello, how are you today? Using Dr. Isibor alternative herbal supplements and cleanser was the best decision ever, no side effect cure me totally from hirsutism and acne now i am so full with joy overcoming it all

  4. I have some questions, if you don’t mind answering. So, I’m planning to get tested for PCOS in the next couple of weeks for the following reasons: I retain water weight, and can gain 9 pounds of water weight in 3 days. The scale has fluctuated from 180.0 lbs to 189.0 lbs for the past 3 weeks, although I can physically see I’m losing weight. Is this something that you experienced and if not, would you relate this to PCOS?

  5. So glad I found this video, You’ve definitely inspired me to have the desire to make a video talking about my situation.
    It’s only been a week & a half since I actually found out my diagnosis.
    I ended up finding out from not a 2nd opinion, but a 3rd opinion doctor😳
    I knew something was wrong with me, it’s so bittersweet to see other people with the same diagnosis 🦋✨

  6. I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on Metformin in 2013. 6 months later got pregnant! I should definitely probably start back taking it because I feel like while on it my symptoms were lessened and I did lose about 15 pounds.

  7. I've had pcos for the past couple years now.. my doctors say I was lucky to even have regular periods.. but weightloss has been a struggle.. ive always been someone to watch my weight but the idea of cutting out carbs completely sounds like a nightmare, but they keep pushing me to do it so im trying.. but glad I know there's more people out their with this same struggle

  8. I hate having pcos so much. I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m so tired of trying to lose weight. I’m 25 and 390lbs 😩😥

  9. Thank you for this . I have pcos but before I found out we had two miscarriages . I’ve been trying to loose weight and have done very well I used net for in but it did not work for me sadly . I ended up in the process of ivf to conceive but paused now so I can loose weight same issue some strands on chest , and chin but I managed to loose 30 pounds so far

  10. Hey! I love the makeup look. I was diagnosed late in life with PCOS. Back in 2018 and I’m now 38 years old. Idk about you but I get pelvic pains like 2 -3 times a month from my cysts popping and it’s horrible. I wish I would have been able to find out sooner (like when I was in my 20s) that I had this so I could have started taking care of myself so that maybe I could have babies too, but that’s probably not going to happen at least not naturally. I’m glad I ran into your video!

  11. I don't have any acne on my face but I have all the other symptoms, dark weird patches on inner thighs and groin + neck. Irregular periods. Struggle to lose weight for years. Should i get it checked out?

  12. I have pcos. Welll my first sign was the start of irregular periods. But i really thought it was just stress because i was working alot around that time. My second sign was i was not getting pregnant and the last sign that made me head straight to the doctor was a bit of chin hair. So when the doc told me. I was like 🤨¿. I never heard about it before. This thing is honestly an emotional wave. The first thing my doctor suggested was a change in my diet and weight lost. I was overweight for my height and all these other things were going on.. chin hair, weight gain, hair loss. It was just so much. So at the time i got serious, changed my diet and managed to lose 30lbs. But the weight is back on now because i got lazy, very unmotivated and I just didnt care about my health anymore. But I am back on my journey now💪🏾I want to be healthy, slim, i want kids. I'd say I think its just a lifestyle change we have to make. Not just for a month of two and then stop. Thats the mistake I made, feeling defeated by this thing and Not sticking to it. But lets make lifestyles changes. F**k pcos!!!. Like period!

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