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How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Fat Loss? Will I Gain Weight If I Stop Smoking?

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Fat Loss? Will I Gain Weight If I Stop Smoking?

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Fat Loss? Will I Gain Weight If I Stop Smoking?

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Fat Loss? Will I Gain Weight if I Stop?

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As a part of our Fit Father for Life and FF30X memberships, we allow guys to write in questions about anything regarding their weight loss journey. And to give them as much support as possible, we create these short video answers to clear things up.

In this installment, one of the program members asked:

“How will smoking cigarettes affect my weight loss? I know it’s bad for my health, but is there something about tobacco that will help me lose weight? And what will happen if I stop?”

Watch the video to discover the answer.

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Video for Lose Weight Fast After Quitting Smoking
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  1. I have quit smoking for 4 months now and vaping for 6 weeks . I’ve put on 7 kg 🤨
    I’ve quit twice and I gained for about 3-6 months then kept exercising and eventually lost back to normal . It does go up and then go down .
    I went from 114 to 121 in 6 weeks .
    I’ll sit here now for another week ,
    Walk daily and within months I’ll be back at 114 . I’ve done it all before , you do eat more and you do require to eat less calories and move more .
    Lockdown did make this a lot harder because if it rains in Melbourne you can’t do shit as nothing has been open properly for 2 years now

  2. Almost 3 weeks quitting nicotine and people are saying I'm losing weight, look slimmer, and look skinnier. Gosh I wish I seen this video years ago.

  3. To sum this video with a 100% fact you can either lose weight or gain weight when you stop smoking. When you stop smoking your appetite changes for a few days or so

  4. The thing not considered is thst there are people like me who just can't go without at least 1 addicting thing. I went on to stop them all one by one…cigarette, weed, better diet, kratom…the thing is that I have been battling like crazy that weight gain with tonnnns of sports because I need to get my daily addiction fix with food as it's all I had left. As dumb as it may seem I went back to vaping because given that I have to have one addiction, might as well get one that helps me lose weight and doesn't make me feel like shit. It's recent but I've now been back to losing because I nsturally eat 2x less. Now, sure, long term we don't know and I'm thst dumb kid who has been grinding so hard at the gym to finally get that body and not smoking was in the way of that. At least I get addicted to these stuff and not crack, but yeah, I just can't have none of them. If it's not that then it'd coffee snd I get panick attacks, or its kratom and it's like being hooked on opiods…so vaping overall is the better evil for me.

  5. Get the chewing gum when you wanna lose weight..it's not nicotine that's a killer…it's the nasty tobacco leaves loaded with tar and cancer causing compounds

  6. Congratulations on your video "How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Fat Loss? Will I Gain Weight If I Stop Smoking" inspirational thanks for sharing. I want to Stop Smoking Drinking And being Fat. CMHT.👼😇

  7. If you eat good and smoke u wont lose weight you even might gain weight but if you dont have a problem with the appetite, if you love eating u gaining weight no matter what i know a lot of fat smokers but if the cigars make u lose your appetite then you dont even think about food all you think is the cigars and you lose weight.

  8. I've been struggling with nicotine past 10 years..I cannot stop coz of my anxiety and stress.. I am 33 years old and I am 1m65 and 45 kg..I have no appetite left..I can go days without food but not more than 3 hour without nicotine..it is too hard now I am always depressed no energy stressed out..

  9. So the only way to gain weight with quitting smoking is if you give into the cravings? I've been doing the intermittent fasting for weight loss but have still been struggling with smoking cigars.

  10. Actually only cared if nicotine consumption would lead to more fat mobilisation and thereby fat loss. Instead I got a fucking infomercial. Lol, screw this channel.

  11. Seems like every time I smoke I get hungry which in most cases I ended up eating a lot, but my question does smoking help me loose weight or gain weight?

  12. I think it lowers cortisol and that might be the main reason for weight loss but finding another stress relieving addiction like exercise, yoga or Pilates even meditation

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