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How I Balance Weight Lifting and Running

How I Balance Weight Lifting and Running

How I Balance Weight Lifting and Running

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  1. while all of this sounds amazing, please give an example of a workout program for someone that works 50 hours per week? I would LOVE to train that much however, I just cannot find the time. How necessary is strength training for running? Especially for 1st time marathon runner.

  2. The Agoge diet works so great for those who want to build muscle. My muscles are enjoying it so much and are growing rapidly.

  3. Next year I want to join the police academy but there is a 3000m test run. I'm a gym freak and don't want my muscles to shrink just from running.If I run high-intensity in the morning and train my muscles in the afternoon can I increase my muscle mass? I only rely on real food and no supplements. (Sorry for my grammar, I use google translate)

  4. My training is Monday: Gym, Tuesday: Run, Wednesday: Gym, Thursday: Run, Friday: Gym, Saturday: Run. Everyday i walk with my dogs 3 times per day slowly about 5km per time.

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