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HOW I LOST 15+ KG DURING QUARANTINE | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY + TIPS *before + after pictures included*

HOW I LOST 15+ KG DURING QUARANTINE | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY + TIPS *before + after pictures included*

HOW I LOST 15+ KG DURING QUARANTINE | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY + TIPS *before + after pictures included*

This one is for my people that have gotten into an entanglement with snacks this quarantine lool! Gyms are opening soon but here’s how I lost over 15kg (almost 20kg now!!!) weight during quarantine at home, NO GYM.

I was really anxious to post this video because it’s such a sensitive topic for me but I hope this video can help some of you out there. If you’ve gained weight during quarantine, DON’T be hard on yourself! You’ve survived a pandemic. Just try from now on to make healthy habits and small changes and you will see amazing results!

Here’s a link to the video I made last year about how self-love is the key to weight loss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxFnkHFaV84&t=517s. I really recommend watching this if weight is something you’ve struggled with

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Time stamps:
– My heaviest weight and before and after pics: 1:30
– Why I lost weight: 3:22
– What I ate/drank + intermittent fasting: 6:11
– Exercise and working out: 14:48
– Motivation + tips: 20:45

YouTubers that helped me on my journey:
– Chloe Ting
– Newbie Fitness Academy (this channel has helped me the most!)
– Fitness Blender
– Pamela Reif
– Rosa Charice
– Justtaylorthings
– MrLondon
– Fledge Fitness
– LukeNarwhal
– BeautifulBrwnBabyDoll
– Obese to Beast
– Calfee

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!

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  1. I lost 25kg in 4 months it’s really difficult but I did, unfortunately I gained 10kg back and I’m not dieting anymore😞😫

  2. Hey 🙂 I respect you working hard on achieving a successful weight loss! It’s very difficult to achieve but be patient and inspire others like you do now! New subscriber to your channel ❤️ love to help each other grow more

  3. I had to subscribe, my situation is sooo similar especially being tall and big in primary school lmaooo 😂😅 Love the videoooo keep it up!!!

  4. when you said “i wonder what i’d look like if i kept eating like that” girl this is the exact reason why im motivated and can say no to my cravings. i want to say “thank you me from 3 months ago for eating properly and looking bomb this summer” 😍 i look in the mirror at my fat legs and say “oh they look gross im so happy rn” as if i already lost the weight and looking at an old picture of myself 🤣

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