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How I Lost 50lbs with Type 1 Diabetes | Justin's Story

How I Lost 50lbs with Type 1 Diabetes | Justin's Story

How I Lost 50lbs with Type 1 Diabetes | Justin's Story

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After dedicating his life to fitness, losing 50 pounds, and training people with diabetes all over the world, one could assume diabetes fitness trainer Justin Emmans has always had things under control when it comes to managing his blood sugar levels. But as we explore in this in depth mini-doc this was not always the case. Watch how Justin took his first steps into the fight against diabetes and went from his couch to an A1c of 7.0.

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  1. Seeing a lot of reviews from Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for Diabetes disease cure not until I gave it a shot and that was the end of my Diabetes disease after using his herbal medicine

  2. I'm having really bad problems with my feet, im type 1 and did not keep good control over myself, and now I suffer neuropathy and retinopathy. I have to go in for eye treatments, and I have to see a podiatrist regularly now and I'm NOT in good shape. I need to lose weight in a bad way or I will die soon.

  3. Diagnosed 2 years ago at 21, I was 261lbs back on Aug 23rd 2021 when I decided enough is enough and now Oct 11th I’m down to 246.1lbs. This journey is something I’m looking to turn into my lifestyle as I keep taking another step.

  4. So wonderful how i was able to beat my Diabetes disease with the help of Dr Igudia on YouTube herbal medicine. God will reward you Doc!

  5. i was diagnosed at 14 years old. its not easy for anyone at any age but i always felt that the older you are when you get diagnosed, the harder it is because you have break your long lived lifestyle and change everything. Luckily, i didn't have a sever aversion to needless and taking shots wasn't a big deal for me. the hard part was growing up having to watch others my age continue to live their normal lives while i basically has my life switched to harder difficulty. im 29 now. my 28th birthday was my mile stone marker where i had lived just as long as a diabetic as i did not being one. this year i have now lived as a diabetic longer than not as one.

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  7. Diabetic for 30 years and now I'm 42 yrs old. I don't get it. Some days blood sugar is 130 with low carbs. Other days 190 with low carbs. I feel like I'm not in control. Diabetes determines my day.

  8. I’m 16 years old.. and a couple days ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.. so now I’m looking for some inspiration when it comes to losing weight with type 1 diabetes 😭

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  10. I was diagnosed like 2-3 months ago and im 13 almost 14 and its really difficult especially with celiac disease aswell

  11. 😭😭 I was too sad and feel unhappy even if I try to be okay
    I felt its a huge thing lots of people looking at me as a joke as a sweetest eater while
    I dont like to eat it I started to eat them after daignosed cause Im the first child but when Im here with my T1 member

    I feel that Im alive !😭
    Im good person I’ll have many chance in my life🥺😭😭

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