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How I Lost Belly Fat In 7 Days: No Strict Diet No Workout!

How I Lost Belly Fat In 7 Days: No Strict Diet No Workout!

How I Lost Belly Fat In 7 Days: No Strict Diet No Workout!

How to get rid of your lower belly pooch? Are you familiar with the situation when you want to put on some item of clothing hanging in the back of your closet, but something holds you back from it? Your belly! This problem can be solved. If you wanna know how to do it just watch our new video!

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How to get rid of water weight 3:40
How to change your lifestyle and reconsider your diet 5:24

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– Fat isn’t always the culprit when it comes to extra inches around the midsection. If you’ve just recently noticed that you’re not fitting into your clothes the way you did not so long ago, it’s more likely to be a result of bloating and water weight.
– Bloating is definitely not fat. It’s air or gas that collects in your gut and causes the stomach to feel tight, full, and swollen.
– Consuming more ginger is another bloat-reducing trick. You can drink it as a tea or eat it fresh.
– Much sodium (which is the stuff that’s in salt) causes the body to retain more water.
– Your biggest ally when it comes to reducing water weight is…water! Surprising, right? But it’s true; the more water you drink, the less liquid builds up in your body!
– Carbonated drinks make you bloated and gassy.
– The lifestyle changes were a no-brainer. Instead of the elevator, you should take the stairs; instead of parking near the entrance to some place, you should park further away and walk; instead of sitting in front of the TV all evening, you should go for short 15 to 30-minute walks.

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  1. That's completely true, when I have to lose weight I do all that add 4 miles run. Sometimes I manage to lose 12 pounds in a week.

  2. Don't be shy to exercise !! Be patient and your results will appear slowly !! You all can do it, we believe in you

  3. It's not like I can't do strict diet.but every time starts diet my mom suddenly change in to a 7 star chef

  4. people always told me that drinking water is healthy but no one to me i can gain weight from it, i drink it everyday

  5. My grandmother tried this drink for 6 months and lost a lot of weight, but after that, she went to the doctorbcs her joints started accing, so tge doctors said that the mixture of honey and lemon juice can cause this, so even thought this helps u lose weight it will give u artheritis.

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