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How I lost fat while Cycling

How I lost fat while Cycling

How I lost fat while Cycling

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Tips for fat loss while cycling.

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  1. Love you "keepin it real"! Lost 40 lbs last year as I took up Cycling. Got another 25-30 to go. Love your channel.

  2. Picking up cycling now after I broke my leg march 2021 and then tore my ACL march 2022 both playing soccer. I ran and lifted weights regularly prior to my injuries (~15-20 miles/week). I've put on a lot of weight and I'm super discouraged but I've gotta start somewhere. Won't be able to run anytime soon (at least not like I used to) but the dr. just cleared me to cycle so cycling it is =) Thank you for this guidance

  3. Intervals and a very healthy diet and no alcohol are the key. And now I'm gonna watch.
    But for me this is what works I lost 11kg in 7 weeks. Especially the NO ALCOHOL thing! Go 2daus on long rides and 2 as a week on intervals until you see black dots before your eyes you will lose a lot off weight.
    Also good thing I was never a big eater just a heavy drinker. I almost can't eat without sport

    Are the easy way???


  4. Appreciate the video, but calories in vs calories out is false. Just because you're in a caloric deficit doesn't mean you'll lose weight. People keep treating weight loss like a math problem, but it's not. It's a biological and hormonal problem. If your hormones are off, you could eat 1,500 calories a day and not lose anything. If your hormones are on point, you could eat 3,000 calories and actually lose weight. The best way to fix hormones is to eat a real human diet without the processed junk and oils, and stay active. If your hormones are still off, go see a functional medicine practitioner and get your hormones and microbiome checked. There are MANY factors to weight loss, not just (move more + eat less)

  5. Well…I do cycling for 30 mins daily and I get very hungry and eat 4 to 5 times a day but still losing weight. I hope that's ok.

  6. I ride about 80 to 90 miles a week, usually two separate rides. I am at a plateau for the last 2 months or so as far as losing weight. I am about 225. But I'm pretty sure it's because of the calorie intake. Intermittent fasting will have to be the way for me I believe.

  7. Hi am try i really decide this year to to lose 40 pounds i try to do some workouts in the morning before eat but i got a little sick 😫 like a bad cold so i stop question how to deal with that and you have any tips for me and and good cycling workouts to lose weight?

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