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How I LOST weight by ONLY eating FAST FOOD (EASY!)

How I LOST weight by ONLY eating FAST FOOD (EASY!)

How I LOST weight by ONLY eating FAST FOOD (EASY!)

Hi !!

today i tried to diet while ONLY eating fast food for 3 whole days.. an interesting sight lol

I do NOT recommend that you eat fast food everyday because even the healthy options aren’t THAT healthy. This video is just to show you that you CAN diet and eat fast food if you wanted to. There are low calorie/healthy options at fast food restaurants.

These are the videos I used in order to create my meal plan for 3 days:
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FQnXFi7l3Q
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u5Cwr7l7Nw&t=625s

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love you guys !!!

thank you for 107K subs! 😮

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  1. This is a clickbaity load of bullshit. Stop lying to people and stop promoting the use of junk food. You do realize how many naive teenagers are gonna follow this??

  2. Honestly I did that only eat fast food,you may look good on the inside but your body is suffering on the inside trust me I looked good on the outside but my energy levels were nothing compared to when I converted to eating healthy but don’t get me wrong it’s not bad to eat out every now and then but everyday naw

  3. I literally eat half of that🥲 seeing her eat high fat cheese and regular bread gives me anxiety on my current diet 🥲

  4. Dieting is easy. You take in about 1000 less than you burn a day. Keto, fasting, etc are stupid and require too much time and energy. You can have an 1100 calorie big mac meal and a 900 calorie BBQ with fries as long as you are burning 3100 calories a day which is not that difficult. If you are sedentary its more difficult. Walk 2 miles a day along with what your body normally burns and you should lose weight. Most people destroy themselves on the weekend. Get up, walk 2 miles and eat what you want on sat and sun. NOBODY is gonna eat salads and tofu and stay on it. Burn more than you take in. Its not rocket science.

  5. I lost weight eating mostly fastfood. I really didn't eat salads or fruit. I mostly ordered what I usually like but in a smaller quantity including ice cream and candy bars. I just made sure to not go over 1200 calories a day.

  6. I've lost 12 pounds so far I'm 5'9 171lbs I was 183😂 I eat junk food to but I don't eat breakfast only lunch and dinner plus exercise of course my goal is 165 💃🎉

  7. years ago when I was in college I'd buy a pizza every weekend and eat a slice every day. I also ate fiber one with banana and milk for breakfast, and usually a pint of ice cream for dinner. lost a lot of weight. about 800 calories a day.

  8. I hope everyone starting there weight loss journey realizes it’s not good to under eat. I went through that faze of eating like 700 calories a day give or take and it really took a toll. I was not eating enough though I was not attempting keto so in the end I developed keto rash. For anyone I would recommend eating 1200 calories a day. Thus ensure your metabolism doesn’t drop and that you are getting enough nutrients. Eat vegetables every meal! Don’t cut out carbs, cut down.

  9. This is absolutely the most BS video. You will never be healthy eating fast food nor will you lose weight quite the opposite

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