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How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day To Lose Weight Fast? (EASY TIP) | LiveLeanTV

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day To Lose Weight Fast? (EASY TIP) | LiveLeanTV

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day To Lose Weight Fast? (EASY TIP) | LiveLeanTV

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering the question of how much water should I drink per day to lose weight fast?.
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Too many people overlook the importance of drinking water, or as I like to call it, liquid energy.

Even though our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, a lot of us still do not drink enough water.

Drinking more water will give you more energy, as it is very hydrating, and will help you perform better with your workouts.

So many people struggle with low energy levels because they are depleted of water. By drinking more water, you’re going to feel great.

Also, when you feel like you may be hungry, a lot of the times, you may just be dehydrated.

So drink a big glass of water to help fill you up before raiding the kitchen.

If you have a bad day of eating unhealthy food or drinking too much alcohol, drinking water can help speed up your recovery, and help cleanse and detox your body, to get rid of the chemicals faster.

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day To Lose Weight Fast?
The simple formula to calculate how much water you should drink per day to lose weight fast is:

– Take your bodyweight in pounds
– Divide that number in half

That number is how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day to lose weight fast

Water calculation examples:
Let’s say you’re 200 pounds:
Divide 200 in half.
200 pounds/2 = 100 oz of water

At the minimum, you would need to drink 100 oz of water per day to lose weight fast.

For faster weight loss, aim to hit or come close to drinking this amount of water every day.

What are the easiest ways to drink more water?

Now that you know how much water you should drink per day to lose weight fast, the next question is, what are some easy ways to drink more water.

One thing I always do is keep a stainless steel or BPA free water bottle close by. A BPA free water bottle simply means there are no BPA chemicals in the plastic water bottle.

This is important, as regular plastic water bottles can leek unhealthy xenoestrogen BPA chemicals into the water.

I typically drink out of a stainless steel water bottle, but if I need to buy water from a plastic bottle, I always feel more comfortable drinking out of BPA free plastic water bottle.

Keep your water bottle filled with water at your office desk and have it close by with you at home.

When it’s close by, you’ll always remember to keep drinking from it.

Then when it’s empty, immediately fill it back up.

And yes, you’re going to go to the bathroom a lot more, but you’re going to feel great, because you’re getting rid of junk out of your body.

Also, if you still forget to drink water, set a reminder in your smartphone. Set an alarm every hour, to remind you to go refill your water bottle or to take a big drink of water.

If you’re drinking green tea, you’re also increasing your water consumption.

You can also increase your water consumption by eating water rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Most importantly, water will help you lose weight faster.

If you’re going to focus on just one thing this week to improve your health, just focus on drinking more water throughout the day.

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