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How to Drink Alcohol and STILL Lose Weight – Ripped for Rugby Ep. 1

How to Drink Alcohol and STILL Lose Weight – Ripped for Rugby Ep. 1

How to Drink Alcohol and STILL Lose Weight – Ripped for Rugby Ep. 1

Welcome to a new series!! In this series over the next month or two, Mark (CEO of Avatar) will be documenting his fat loss journey heading into the summer and into Rugby season.

This video is all about a super common nutrition myth, that you can’t drink alcohol and still lose weight. Not true at all! We’ll show you how.

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  1. Thanks bro been debating all day because I’ve been trying to get into shape I’m only 25 I don’t want to be a fat shame by 30 so thank you I can still drink my Tequila

  2. My problem is that I don't eat all day, and towards the evening/night i cook dinner & I over eat. I use to weigh 115lbs, now I'm at 135lbs (I'm 5'3). Anyway, thank you for this video keep them coming 👍

  3. From my experience, it's ok to drink, you just cant get mortal drunk. It's not only the calories from drinking, but if you're hungover, you cant train the next day, or two.

  4. Work out how many calories your going to drink and burn them before drinking that’s what I do lol only work so far tho there comes a point we’re you just have to suck it up and go t-total for the last bit

  5. Truthfully he did not give out no useful information in this first video really can't speak on the rest of the videos in this series. But from experience. If you are trying to lose weight you should not drink alcohol but if you are changing your lifestyle. You should include. The good with the bad. Because it is harder to change your lifestyle. Then it is to lose weight.

  6. This is a different story.. I'm 17. About 18 in 4 months. I know I'm mad young to be drinkin lots or be drinking period. But. It's hard to stop drinking due to my addiction and my anxiety and social change in myself. I want to lose weight but it's hard to stop drinking and it's so easy for me to access or get alcohol. I'm sad and sitting at 200. I am chubby and want to lose weight but i struggle and have my withdrawals.. and drink alot.. i want to change that and i want to lose weight fast or as soon as i can. Really worried and just scared and stressed. Unhappy aith myself and i feel fat and hate how i look. I searched up everything. But it's hard to stop my addiction and i want to be better and skinnier. Really scared and struggling and have a personal struggle to manage drinking alcohol very often

  7. I feel like I just need something to help boost my metabolism. I’m trying to do low carb high fat/ high carb low fat days and switching to hiit instead of focusing on cardio, but wondering if there’s a supplement that will help. I heard my friend used a brand called Vanguard Formulas and made her lose weight pretty fast. Anyone used it before? Anyways, I definitely need to work on my sleep too cause quarantine is kicking my butt. Without work my insomnia creeps back in.

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