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How to Drink Water to Lose Weight

How to Drink Water to Lose Weight

How to Drink Water to Lose Weight

Nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta gives you three tips for drinking water and losing weight. Let’s melt away the pounds together!
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Water is the first and most important step in your weight-loss journey. Water increases our metabolism and decreases our acidic level. It helps flush toxins from our body. Being dehydrated has real consequences: you’ll get sugar cravings, get afternoon headaches and feel tired.

It’s best to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. For example, someone who weighs 200 pounds should drink 100 ounces of water. To make sure you drink enough water each day, follow these tips:
1. Carry around a water bottle and take sips throughout the day.
2. Flavor your water with lemons, limes or cucumbers.
3. If you get tired of drinking water, switch to herbal tea.

Four people want to lose weight, they just need help doing it. With a personal trainer designing their workouts and a nutritionist designing their meal plans, they’re motivated to finally make some changes in their lives. If they don’t, the consequences could be deadly. This isn’t just any weight loss competition show: It’s them against their weight.

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  1. I think when you pass 50 it's not easy to drink this much unless you want to stay home or bring a toilet with you

  2. Ok I understand the importance of water ,but what you do when you drink and then you need to get up 4 times during the night to go pee ??

  3. This week Dave drunk a pint of water on a treadmill as one of our "interesting ways to drink water" challenge. That would probably work as a way of drinking water to lose weight!

  4. Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you will discover a great guidelines about how you can lost a ton of weight. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  5. Has anyone tested the water pH level because not all water is equal? I'm from New Zealand and we have some of the best water around in a little town called Takaka in the South Island of New Zealand but I've tested some of our tap water even bottled water from supermarkets and what I found was tap water was better but not by much because of government regulations. The water is very acidic, not good. I drink water that no chemicals are added to make it safe. Charlie… Oh thanks, Jennifer Cassetta your right we should drink more water because it's really about keeping our bodies hydrated for me the water is not the magic it's like the assistant to the body if we keep the pH level of our body at pH level 7.5 that's where our bodies should be. Our Bodies are magic because they can heal themselves. Have you ever had a cut I say no more?

  6. Well from my understanding there are a lot of people out there who can't stand drinking regular plain water.

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