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How to Eat More Slowly, and WHY You Should Give it a Shot! (With 7 Tips)

How to Eat More Slowly, and WHY You Should Give it a Shot! (With 7 Tips)

How to Eat More Slowly, and WHY You Should Give it a Shot! (With 7 Tips)

How to Eat More Slowly and Why you should eat more slowly!

In this video, I explain why eating more slowly can help you lose weight AND I provide tips on how to slow down your eating rate, so you consume a more moderate amount of calories!

Links to studies:
-Fast eaters are 2x more likely to have obesity:
-Slow eaters consume less calories at a later meal and have lower ghrelin:
-Slow eaters have higher PYY and GLP-1:
-Chopstick eaters took 60% longer to eat a rice meal:

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  1. What are your tricks for eating more slowly? Share so we can all learn from each other! Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think!

  2. I wonder what happens when slow eating is taken to the extreme [i.e. two hours for one cup of food]. Thanks Diana.

  3. I eat slow enough, and I get only these types of videos recommended to me. They really think everyone is obese and eat as fast as matt stonie without chewing.

  4. Since I mostly eat alone, I watch something while I'm eating. It allows me to subconsciouly drop my spoon and fork after every bite.

  5. I kinda developed a fast eating habit from being in the Army, not sure how I used to eat before hand, but my partner's folks since they first met me pointed it out and still do constantly tell me that I eat extremely quick and need to slow down. In the Army I guess it was conditioned early on as "If you can taste your food you're wrong.". I guess it just became a thing for me years after getting out and I'm still trying to kick this bad habit.

    Kinda desperate to find something that works, as I do notice the fullness feeling doesn't hit until like bowl/ plate 2 as I didn't give my body time to process it at all before moving on leading to over eating.

  6. I learned from my mom and my stepdad Mike that I should eat slowly and eat the size of a fist per food item and drink one quarter of fluids every 15 minutes a couple times a day. I need to learn that rule, Diana. I hope I can do it.

  7. thankyou it was so helpful, i am feeling so much better already after just watching you vid. also your voice is so sothing lots of love

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