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How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #21

How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #21

How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #21

This episode I describe the science of fat loss, including how fat is mobilized and oxidized (burned) and how to increase fat burning by leveraging the nervous system. Most people don’t realize it, but our neurons connect to our fat and release epinephrine/adrenaline to facilitate fat oxidation. I explain how this can be accomplished with non-exercise movements such as fidgeting to burn thousands of calories of fat a day– a practice is rarely discussed but very well supported by the science literature. I also discuss an optimal fat loss protocol using cold to create shiver, and how specific types and timing of exercise impact fat loss. I discuss if exercising fasted indeed increases fat oxidation– it turns out the type and duration of exercise really matters. And I discuss the use of caffeine, GLP1 from Mate or guayusa and emerging new prescription compounds for fat loss. The episode includes a lot of tools, links to cost-free resources and explanation of the science underlying each tool for fat loss.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:00 Fat Loss: The Key Role of Neurons
00:08:44 The First Law of Fat Loss
00:11:00 Neurons Connect To Fat! (& That Really Matters)
00:13:38 5 Pillars of Metabolism: Sleep, Essential Fatty Acids, Glutamine, Microbiome, Thyroid
00:19:20 Mindset Truly Matters: Amazing Examples of Beliefs on Fat Loss
00:23:08 Our Brain Talks To Our Fat
00:25:00 The Most Incredible & Dangerous Fat Loss Agent
00:27:28 Losing Fat Is a Two-Part Process: Mobilization and Oxidation
00:32:25 The Critical Role of Adrenaline/Epinephrine, But NOT from Adrenal Glands
00:34:45 Fidgeting & Shivering: A Powerful Science-Supported Method For Fat Loss
00:41:24 How Fidgeting Works: Promotes Epinephrine Release into Fat. “N-E-A-T”
00:44:55 Two Ways of Using Shivering To Accelerate Fat Loss
00:47:30 White, Brown & Beige Fat; & Using Cold-Induced Shiver To Burn Fat
00:50:25 How To Use Cold Properly To Stimulate Fat Loss: Succinate Release Is Key/Shiver
00:52:26 Exact Protocols: (1-5X per week); Don’t Adapt! Submerge and Exit “Sets & Reps”
00:56:15 thecoldplunge.com see “protocols” tab Cold-Shiver-Fat-Loss Tool (cost free)
00:58:03 If Fat-Loss Is Your Goal, Avoid Cold Adaptation: Remember Polar Bear Swimmers
00:58:17 Irisin: Underwhelming; Succinate Is The Real Deal
01:00:00 Brown Fat, Why Babies Can’t Shiver and Becoming a Hotter Furnace, Adding Heat
01:01:55 Ice On Back of The Neck, Cold Underpants: Not A Great Idea For Fat Loss
01:04:00 A Key Paper For the Aficionados: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2826518/
01:05:00 Spot Reduction: There May Be Hope After All. Targeting Specific Fat Pads.
01:09:20 Exercising For Fat Loss: What Is Best? High Intensity, Sprinting, Moderate Intensity?
01:13:30 Exercising Fasted: Does It Truly Accelerate Fat Loss/Oxidation.
01:16:30 The 90 Minute Rule: After 90 Minutes, The Fasted Exercisers Start To Burn More Fat
01:18:15 If High-Intensity Training Is Done First, The Benefits of Fasting Arrive Before 90min.
01:22:44 Post-Exercise Metabolic Increases: How To Bias This Toward Fat Oxidation
01:26:05 A Protocol For Exercise-Induced Fat Loss; Adrenalin Is The Effector
01:28:50 Supplements/Compounds For Fat Loss Part: Caffeine Fidgeting, & Caffeine Adaptation
01:34:30 Ephedrine, Fenfluramine: Removed From Market Due to Safety Concerns
01:35:22 GLP1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide 1), Yerba Mate, Guayusa Tea, Semaglutide
01:40:30 Berberine, Metformin: Glucose/Insulin Reduction, Increase Fat Oxidation: But Caution
01:41:28 Gardner Lab Results: What You Eat May Not Matter, But Adherence Is Key Tool
01:43:00 examine.com & Enter “Yerba Mate”: Lowers Heart Rate Even Though Is a Stimulant
01:44:35 Acetly-L-Carnitine: Facilitates Fat Oxidation
01:48:00 Summary List of Tools & How Nervous System Controls Fat Loss
01:51:20 Cost Free & Other Ways To Support Our Podcast, Making Sure We See Feedback

Please note that The Huberman Lab Podcast is distinct from Dr. Huberman’s teaching and research roles at Stanford University School of Medicine. The information provided in this show is not medical advice, nor should it be taken or applied as a replacement for medical advice. The Huberman Lab Podcast, its employees, guests and affiliates assume no liability for the application of the information discussed.

Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac – https://www.blabacphoto.com

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  1. I thought I give this guy a listen too based on his topics and my previous and life experiences on such topics .. one he is boring to listen too and too all he is doing promoting selling products ..

  2. I used to do these cold baths with ice and cover myself all the way up to my neck. It would take me 20 minutes or so before I start shivering. I'll definitely have to try getting in and out of the bath! That also sounds more challenging mentally. Once you are in the bath and adjust, it's easy. I'm excited!

  3. Is there any podcast you have already done on lipedema? My daughter, 30yrs old, married with 1 child 5yrs old. Her medical docs have NO answers for her. Any recommendations?

  4. Came over from Nine Club (ol buddy forever), watching for mine and my wife's wellness. Thank you for all you do Andrew!

  5. This was a great podcast. Very thorough and helpful review of the various tools for fat loss.

    I also listened to your ADHD podcast recently, which was a great tool for understanding the neuroscience of attention/focus.

    One small suggestion:
    When mentioning supplements such as L-Tyrosine (for Dopamine) or Acetyl-L-Carnitine(for fat loss, and a slew of other benefits), it would be really helpful if you could also mention highest whole food sources, if any, for the same. I realise that this info is searchable online but the information is still scattered. If it is unfeasible to mention for each supplement, maybe you could point to a resource which provides collated whole food sources for most supplements. This is so that those who don't like supplementation can still make better dietary choices.

    Regardless, much gratitude for your efforts.

  6. Would love to get an Infographic on your details to improve this mechanism of fat loss… thank you for this informations and I will be binge watching your videos!

  7. Truck driver here, Since starting and over the road trucking job I've gained about a 120 pounds I'm going to try the fidgeting, because I noticed I haven't unconsciously bounced my knee ect. Since quitting adderall in high-school but I've always had a high intensity job before this so the fidgeting thing is going to be interesting to incorporate with trying to eat better to see results faster 315lbs right now😬

  8. Hey so, thanks for all of this content. I really appreciate how you manage to break this stuff down to layman's terms. I was interested in Yerba Mate, but I'm reading that it has potential carcinogenic properties. Is that true? I read this on Healthline, so just wondering if there are peer-reviewed studies that showed whether or not drinking Yerba Mate was safe.

  9. That was incredibly helpfull and informative! I just found you and I love the work you do! When you talked about shaking, I thought about TRE, method of releasing trauma and stress stored in the body. With practice you can induce the shaking and the body parts that tremble (e.g. legs) become actually hot – could that be the fat burning as well? 😮

  10. As soon as he regurgitated the Coca-Cola talking point that "calories in equals calories out" I moved on…an obvious shill for the sugar, processed food, and "vegetable" oil industries.

  11. Can you buy Succinate as a supplement? If so where? I tried searching it but it brings up other things like metoprolol succinate which is not what we are talking about. Just the term succinate alone isn't specific enough. Thanks!

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