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How To Lose Weight To Join The Military (2020)

How To Lose Weight To Join The Military (2020)

How To Lose Weight To Join The Military (2020)

Losing weight is sometimes a hard thing to do! Especially when it’s keeping you from Joining the Military. In today’s video we talk about ways you can help yourself with your weight loss journey! I speak from experience when talking about these tips and I promise you most of them could possibly work for you too! Thank you so much for watching and supporting the channel! Give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already for more!
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  1. Trying to enlist in the military and have 9 pounds to lose by next week. Seems so hard 😭 thanks for the video and the tips!

  2. Weighing 225 wanting to weigh about 170 before I even look at a recruiter. Hopefully it will be quick then I'll study for the ASVAB as well

  3. Bro I’m 5’7 and I’m an athlete I’m not fat by any means and I don’t meet the requirements not even close I’m 197 I’m just bulky I’ve been tryna lose weight for a while and it’s honestly getting kind of depressing how far I still am

  4. I have to loose 40lb lol then after I am eligible, I need a waver, I wish I could get my waver first I think it would be more motivation. Hard to loose not knowing if I will even get my waver. I am 32 have to hurry up or my dream will be gone to join the reserves. I love working on base wish I was a soldier and not someone looking in from the outside. Thanks

  5. I gotta cut 20 pounds 😞 I'm currently at 173 pounds, and my recruiter wants me at 155 before I even take my ASVAP. I'm going to try my best , and hopefully I'll make it by the end of August.

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