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How To Reduce Butt And Thigh Fat [Home Exercises]

How To Reduce Butt And Thigh Fat [Home Exercises]

How To Reduce Butt And Thigh Fat [Home Exercises]

Lower body is a problem for may people – because our body seems to prefer this area to store its fat deposits.

While just a little extra fat can be seen as attractive, more of definitely doesn’t look good and it can also be potentially dangerous for your health.

So let’s get rig of Butt and Thigh fat with this effective, 15-minute exercise routine you can easily do at home!

Do the workout and leave me a comment under the video – tell me how you feel and if you could complete all the exercises!

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Let’s do this!!❤️💪

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  1. SO YEAH IT IS MY FIRST DAY TODAY (28th July) …. It is really tiresome and I am filled with sweat 💧but I think it is worth it as it brought activeness in my body and I feel much better. I am going to perform it daily both morning and evening and see the difference please keep reminding me by liking this comment.
    I have done it this evening too.

  2. It is a very amazing 👍👍👍 workout today i tried it for first time and i was very sweaty but it felt good after completing it.

  3. I am starting this exercise on 25 th July l will keep reminding weekly buy gys remind me by liking it 😊
    report on 1 August I am getting slim 😊😀🙌👏

  4. I have a big bum and every time i go outside people say i got a big bum and i cant wear jeans
    So today i will star and keep yall updated

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