Lose Weight Fast

How to Starve Yourself

How to Starve Yourself

How to Starve Yourself

How to Starve Yourself. Part of the series: Dieting. Starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight, but supervised detoxes can be helpful in cleansing the body and losing a few pounds. Consult a professional before undergoing a cleanse or a detox with healthy advice from a wellness consultant in this free video on dieting.

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  1. I starved (on and off) and lost 90 pounds in 4 months. 250 to 160 pounds. I frequented sites and chatrooms that encouraged this. I was desperate and tired of seeing myself in photos. Tired of being the friend who eats the most. Tired of comments from family about how ugly I was. It wasn't worth it. I was depressed and felt horrible, I would black out at work from the heat and activity. I couldn't be around people. The people who saw me 4 months later were all shocked and disgusted by how far I had gone to lose weight, and to this day the skin on my arms, lower belly and calves is horrible. Not to be TMI, but say goodbye to a normal bowel routine. I gave up IBS for chronic constipation. Even if I wanted to eat, I end up bloated and in pain for days.
    I was a lot happier when this didn't plague my life, even if I was conventionally 'unattractive' as a bigger person, it was nice to never care about food.
    However, great for saving money, food is crazy expensive.
    That was a joke. Do not do this. I'm too far gone now. I've gained weight since, but because of that I'm falling down the rabbit hole again.
    Please do it right. Working out is very fun once you get into a routine. Eat a lot of fiber, and drink a ton of water. Take care of your skin. Take care of yourself, you deserve so much better.

  2. imma going to start today and I’m going to do it for for 2 weeks my weight right now is 118 I’m tryna to get to 80 pounds and I will be making a plan to of my starving and weight .

  3. I literally don't eat that much don't get why I'm 86 kgs apparently I'm eating the wrong thing also the bad constipation doesn't help…. So I searched for this cause I can't stand it, I'm 21 and i can't look at myself or take pictures

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