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I DID A 3-DAY WATER FAST: The How, Why + Tips From A Dietitian

I DID A 3-DAY WATER FAST: The How, Why + Tips From A Dietitian

I DID A 3-DAY WATER FAST: The How, Why + Tips From A Dietitian

I recently did a 3-day water fast!

Trust me, it wasn’t easy – I love food – but fasting, when done safely, has many potential benefits including disease prevention and longevity.

Disclaimer – fasting is not for everyone. Talk to your doctor before beginning a fast. Fasting for 7 days or more should be medically supervised. If your only goal is weight loss, I personally believe there are better, more sustainable options.

In this video, I share my 3-day water fasting diary. Along the way, I explain the physiological effects of fasting, the potential benefits of fasting, and tips for how to properly fast.

I also answer common fasting questions such as:
-is it ok to drink coffee while fasting?
-do you need to take electrolytes?
-how long does it take to get into ketosis?
-does fasting produce autophagy?
-will fasting interfere with sleep?

For more info, and to get references to the research mentioned in the video, visit my blog Whitney E. RD: https://wp.me/p9iiFZ-5m7

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  1. I am now on my 3rd week of water fasting. I want to complete my 21 days. I feel great. If you know how to discipline your mind then you can do it!

  2. I would with reflux sleep more upright. I was diagnosed with acid reflux in about 2002. 1 1/2 years ago they did an upper endoscopy that showed I had tissue found in my intestines growing in my stomach. They call it focal intestinal metaplasia and there is a mild chance of it turning into cancer. Three months ago I had the one year followup endoscopy. I for a year had been sleeping much more upright. Rather than a wedge pillow in my bed to reduce the amount of acid in my stomach at night I spent $200 on a set of 4 sizes of pillows designed to fit together in several different configurations. I'll never go back to the wedge pillow as the doctor said I have virtually no metaplasia! I guess I did it by sleeping upright. $200 was a lot for the pillows that are actually a semi-firm foam in nice cloth zipper covers cut to fit the shapes perfectly, but for me it was life changing. Anyone let me know what you think.

  3. am on my 5th day of water fasting just 9 days and 9hour to go yea am doing a 14 day water fast wouldn't recommend it just do 3 day guys ave being preparing for 1 month .

  4. How to deal with acid produced in stomach which causes nausea or vomit during fasting…. on second day of water fasting I drank half lemon juice with water in morning aftet waking up….. in the afternoon about 4 pm I vomitted water

  5. I did a 2 day fast 400 calories I had unusual effect started overheating when I ate. I was a binge eater put me right off. I am quite overweight so doesn't matter appetite was never the same. Its a good option if a binge eater I still enjoy sandwiches but if I feel in the least bit over hot I'm going to cut down. I've frequent bouts of this. It isn't my thyroid diagnosed as slow.

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