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I drank a GALLON of WATER EVERY DAY for a WEEK | weight loss + before & after results

I drank a GALLON of WATER EVERY DAY for a WEEK | weight loss + before & after results

I drank a GALLON of WATER EVERY DAY for a WEEK | weight loss + before & after results

this week i am drinking a gallon of water every day for a week straight to figure out if these benefits really work and view my before and after results. we are looking at everything from weight loss to energy to getting rid of those darn under-eye circles!! i also want to emphasize that you absolutely STILL eat while you are doing this. all this “challenge” truly is, is upping your water intake. i did not change my diet or the amount of food i ate whatsoever. please please please still eat!

i was inspired to make this video from another YouTuber named @Jade Billington, her channel is so lovely and I have linked her original video here for you all to see as well!

**PLEASE NOTE that water intake recommendations vary on so many factors including your age and activity level and medical conditions! please consult with a doctor if you’re curious about your own water intake. i am on top of this as well and monitor my intake & active levels very carefully. please be safe ok! love you all**

link to Jade’s video: https://youtu.be/5A4KwzKtW0c
link to Meritage article: https://meritagemed.com/gallon-of-water/
link to the water bottle used!! https://amzn.to/2vTmrkk

1 gallon = 3.79 imperial liters / 4.54 metric liters
1 gallon = 128 ounces
8 oz = 1 cup
16 US cups = 1 gallon
my water bottle = 2000mL

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  1. What is it with Americans and coffee? You're getting headaches because your body is withdrawing its cravings for coffee.

  2. Her double chin disappeared as well.
    Pretty cool, people should definitely be drinking more water on a daily .
    I hate feeling bloated during the holidays.

  3. Her: 'i lost 6 pounds by drinking water!'

    Me: Proceeds to suck that one bottle of water just 10cm next to me

  4. i have never watched a full vlog. ever. i absolutely love the way you vlog! you're very entertaining, and you honestly bring out so much awesome energy.

  5. Im gonna try to drink water 9 times a day
    Day 1: not done yet but i think i had like 3 or 4 drinks i think im gonna like squat 15-30 times a day idk im gonna try and TOMMOROW i will start ruining and lose like 60-60+ calories (im gonna update this every day)

    Edit 2: 3 more to go i drink 175 ml but i actually think i will drink more then 9 cups a day so i had 6 cups today 3 or possibly even more to go cant wait for the results in 1 week:) but i can't stop eating JUNK FOOOOOD BRUH
    i had 3 meals i won't eat any more for today if i get alot hungry i will get a fruit or drink water again lol today i had a donut and baked potatoes anddddddddddddddd i forgot NVM i had sandwich so ye see you tomorrow:)))

    Day 2: i am always tired but today i didn't even feel tired at all i will run later but if you drink water for like every hour you won't be tomorrow tired see you in the next day!

    Day 3 like again i don't feel tired yesterday i ran for like 15 minutes lost 70 calories and today
    Well i ran for like 9 minutes cuz i stoped when i saw a spider🕴️

    Day 4 i had 9 hours of sleep did you know sleeping burns calories? Really cool! Im gonna starve my self today to burn more i have too refuse any food but dw apparently you can like live without food for a week im just doing it for a day if you only drink water not eat anything nothing will happend i just wanted to bring moreee challenge into this… So it did not work out my mother noticed i haven't been eating so she forced me to eat she was scared and i couldn't not say no but i love her so much:)))and omg today i lost 340 calories by working out and 4065 steps i did today oml honestly how did this happen IDK

    Still day 4 i think im gonna keep this up for like 2 weeks and i just might come back to dancing bc i loved dancing so much and i decided im not gonna eat meat just straight gonna ne vegetarian but still have junk food 1 times a day and burn 200+ calories Hungry? DRINK FRICKING WATER

    Day 5 i don't see the results and i gained like a bit tiny weight yk like 54.8 im gonna give up i think whatever i do work hard nothing works:/

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