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I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks To Get Thinner

I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks To Get Thinner

I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks To Get Thinner

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My name is Christine, and I stopped eating for two weeks to get thinner.

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Whilst online I came across dieting blog, by a girl called Sophie, who had been on a diet where you eat under 400 calories a day. She’d posted some pictures and she looked amazing. I decided then that becoming thinner would fix my problems- Everyone would compliment me on my new body and it get my confidence back. I wasn’t the sort of person who did things by halves- it was all or nothing.
I’d read online that if you feel hungry, drinking a glass of water will make them go away. Even better, a can of diet coke and chewing gum would fill you up even more. I could do this.
It was much easier than I expected. I purposely overslept, so I had to run to school without having breakfast. At lunch I ate my ration of two carrots and diet coke, and I told my parents that I was studying for a test so wanted my dinner in my room. As soon as they’d left I’d flush it down the toilet. Although for the first few days I did go hungry, I loved the feeling of control this gave me, and the hunger pangs got less and less. I didn’t want to tell my friends what
, but I did tell Sophie
She told me I had so much willpower to not eat anything at all, and that she
wished she could be as strong. We decided to encourage each other in our quest for perfection.
Although I loved being in control of my diet and my life, after a few days my friends had finally noticed that I wasn’t eating, and whenever they asked I would snap and say that I wasn’t feeling well. I hated them for trying to sabotage my diet. At

case they copied me
written the blog, that I was inspired by her.
I was doing in
, the girl who had
the weekend I walked across my city to avoid any temptation of food, but I had to sit down a lot because I kept feeling dizzy.
Then I started fainting. The first time it was when I got up too fast from my bed. I woke up, shaken on the floor, and vowed to get up more slowly next time. Then it happened at school, in front of my whole class. I was finding it easy to eat nothing now, as I had very little appetite anyway. I was feeling very sick and lethargic most of the time, but Sophie told me she was feeling it too and it would probably get better. We would message each other into the night with ‘thinspiration’ quotes and pictures. I stopped really talking to anyone else.
I passed out in school again. But this time they couldn’t get me to wake up. I finally woke up in hospital on an IV drip, extremely confused and feeling worse than I’d ever done in my life. My parents were there, and they told me that my brain had shut my body down because it just didn’t have enough fuel, but that I was going to be alright. I felt too weak to cry.
It took me a few weeks to fully recover, and luckily, because I hadn’t been starving myself for very long, I hadn’t done any lasting damage. My somehow found Sophie’s parents, and it turns out that she has a very serious eating disorder that has been going on for years. I am now seeing a counsellor, but I consider myself lucky that it didn’t get too far.
I have learnt that despite what magazines or blogs might tell you, being thinner will not make you happy or sort out your problems; it will make you feel isolated and alone. Talking about how you are feeling with those who love you will help solve your problems.
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  1. I'm 300 pounds haven't starved myself before and I have all of the problems she had so I'm gonna do it anyways dieing would not be a down side for me I'm probably dieing already I need to do something and starving myself is the only way for me

  2. fasting and starving are wayy different. been doing one meal a day for 3 years. healthier than ever. tummy more flatter than ever too. and still enjoy my burgers and fries

  3. I typed this bc I don't have anybody to talk to and..it's free right.
    Not this kind of video but my older sister, she's the biggest trigger for me tbh. She always complaining taht she's fat, then told me that she starved herself for some days or barley eat. And what's new¿ She told me she's joined gym to support her achieve her body goals. I always listen to her pretend like she could never trigger me, like I'm a diary book lol. In secret, inside my room i am struggling to lose weight ( 99lbs now, need to lose more ). Burry my dream to have lean muscle, at least just be skinny so in this kind of situation I'm not fatter than her and don't get judge. (We aren't live together, she has a job and living alone while I'm struggle with some mental health that makes me don't want to leave this house forever now).

  4. I'm really sick of people saying someone's to big or thin

    I love you for who you are
    Screw the judgemental people

    If people just stopped judging and being mean, this world would be alot better

    I'm thin and still the judging bothers me

    When the rapture happens, we won't have to deal with this evil world anymore ✝💙

    Just be you

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