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I Tried The Cabbage Soup Diet For 7 Days And This Is How Much Weight I Lost…

I Tried The Cabbage Soup Diet For 7 Days And This Is How Much Weight I Lost…

I Tried The Cabbage Soup Diet For 7 Days And This Is How Much Weight I Lost…

Torturing myself for 7 Days To Test Out The Cabbage Soup Diet… Yay or Nay?

Hey guys!

I hope you are doing well!

So now that it is a new year and new decade AND I am getting married in a year! I decided I would start eating and being healthy again so I can better fit into my wedding dress. If you have followed my channel, you know I am not a big fan of diets. I find there are plenty of ways to eat healthy without compromising taste and limiting food. However, since I never try fad diets, I thought I would give a short term diet a try just to test it out and see if I can get a jumpstart on my fitness and health goals. I decided to try out the Cabbage Soup Diet in which you pretty much follow a whole foods, vegan diet for most of the week and can have as much pre-made cabbage soup as your heart desires (Cabbage soup is not vegan, but can be made vegan)!

Here Is What a Week Of The Cabbage Soup Diet Looks Like:
• Day 1: Unlimited Fruits Except Bananas
• Day 2: No Fruit, Unlimited Veggies (No corn, peas, or beans). Baked Potato with butter for dinner.
• Day 3: Unlimited Fruits & Veggies (non-starchy, like potatoes)
• Day 4: Eat 3-8 Bananas & Milk or Yogurt
• Day 5: Unlimited amount of beef & non-starchy vegetables.
• Day 6: Soup, beef/fish, veggies (leafy greens).
• Day 7: Non-starchy vegetables, and unlimited fruit juices

* Can have as much Cabbage Soup as you want during the entire week!

Cabbage Soup Recipes I kind of combined:
• https://divascancook.com/wonder-soup-recipe-weight-loss-soup-7-day-diet-cabbage-soup/
• https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/13116/cabbage-fat-burning-soup/

Personally, I think this is a decent option to lose weight quickly as you are mostly getting rid of water weight. However, I do not think quick and short term diets are the healthiest. It is always much better to lose weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video of my mini experiment dieting using the Cabbage Soup Diet!

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Quynh Pham

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  1. The unlimited fruits and veggies part is important that fills you up and provides fiber. .. She doesn't eat enough and will gain everything back once the diet is over.

  2. 118? Is heavy?
    You might not move from 118, unless you starve yourself, I’m 5’1 and during my training for the air force I came in at 118 but lost a bunch of fat and instead it turned into muscle but I stayed at 118.
    Don’t miss out on muscle building.
    And no I didn’t cut up either. Idk why but my body just won’t cut up. No matter how much fat I loose . Lol I’ll just simply
    Be flat .

  3. Did you loose fat? Or muscle ???
    I couldn’t do the tomatoes
    I hate them lol
    I just used cabbage, onions, and garlic, I love onions .
    And seasoned my own way

  4. I was raised on this Soup. We had a garden we planted plenty of vegetables. We caned our vegetables in a Jar
    And in the winter we eat this soup we raise cows pigs turkeys chickens.
    Sometimes mom would ground turkey up in our soup. We didn't eat a lot of Sweets and bread. On Sunday chocolate cake or Banana pudding.
    We eat bread pudding and rice pudding and tomato pudding theough the week.
    Baked sweet potatoes and they were know one in our Family fat.
    At our table it was thank you Dad or mom for green beans. Soup. And we were gave portions of anything we ask for.
    If we knew we wasn't going to eat it we didn't ask for it. We had plenty set on our table everyday to choose from.My Dad told my mom we will have plenty too eat.
    Don't ever put two food on my table.
    And she didn't.
    I said all this to say this. I'm 73 years of age and I've never been on a diet.
    I weigh right now the samething I weighted then.
    It's all in eaing healthy and eat in moderation.
    Don't over eat.
    And don't eat and go to bed. I don't believe in diets I believe God meant for us to eat but he gave us all common knowledge when to stop! I eat anything I want in moderation.
    I also walk a lot.
    And drink a lot of water. I was raised on well water and I have had toget used to drinking bottle water!
    God bless!

  5. Wine and carbs @ night will do it alone. Don't drink during the week and work out at home 4 days a week you can do the same thing.

  6. It's way better if you puree it after it cools, you can just drink it and it tastes better or eat like a tomato bisque.

  7. Like your honesty. Where can I find the recipe and the instructions how to follow it. My son is getting married in may and due to stress I have put on the weight I lost last year. 😞.

  8. 118 lbs? I'd be thrilled to weigh 135lbs! Need to lose weight to make anesthesia safer, having BMI over 30 puts one at higher risk.

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