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I tried the grapefruit diet | EASY FAST WEIGHTLOSS

I tried the grapefruit diet | EASY FAST WEIGHTLOSS

I tried the grapefruit diet | EASY FAST WEIGHTLOSS

This grapefruit diet was interesting i was surprised i lost any weight because i was eating a egg and grapefruit with every meal lol later i find out i didn’t have to and coffee and tea was the drinks on the list but i prefer to just drink water.


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  1. I did this diet but not like this .. it right but you can eat more and more choices .. itโ€™s just nothing white , and no sugar, meat and vegetables only with the grapefruit.. I lost a ton of weight and have been able to keep my weight down for years .. I lost 80 to 85 pounds but again you can eat as much as you want.. she portion sized on this one .. but still very good diet or life style change for me ..

  2. Rolling the grapefruit under the feet also support the arch in your foot it helps lift it instead of having two flat feet

  3. Congrats on the loss! I am always impressed when people can stick to a set way of eating. My mind is always like 'hey mix it up every single day', ugh lol.

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