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Is a 48-hour water fast healthy?

Is a 48-hour water fast healthy?

Is a 48-hour water fast healthy?

Dr. Jen Ashton with answers to viewers’ health questions.

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Video for How Much Weight Can You Lose When Water Fasting
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  1. Boooooooooo!! Fasting has been shown to reverse type II diabetes and endothelial dysfunction in dozens of clinical studies. total quack here

  2. No of course it's not healthy *wink wink*…No one makes money from it!
    Gee our hunting, gathering ancestors without fast food on every corner and loaded supermarkets open seven days must have been unhealthy huh?
    How about asking real questions and blessing your viewers with real (empowering) answers unstead of pushing this kind of clapped out old fear based nonsense…

  3. OMG! Where do these doctors come from? How do you think HUmans came to this day and age? By eating something every 2 hours, snacking all day and night??? Fasting is the single most important biological mechanism we have in the body. I´ve been Intermittent fasting so many years now, and never been stronger or healthier. Insulin levels are at rock bottom and sensitivity is high. I do at least one long fast a month, and 18-23 hours during the rest.

  4. I drink the same amount of water I have done every day… 4 bottles (each bottle at 33.8 oz x 4 = 1 gallon) I maintain that same amount, it works, and I don't change even when I eat. I also ensure I am taking my vitamins still. This doctor don't know the answer and this main stream media crap is spreading misinformation…

  5. This woman is ludicrous and did not even attempt to answer the question intelligently. This is why people hate the news, and I'm a filthy lib, hahaha

  6. (0:55) "Is a 48-hour water fast healthy?" Dr. Jen, "[drinking] too much water cannot only be unhealthy, it can be dangerous and it can be deadly" 🤦🏻 Dr. Jen answered as if the question was "Is drinking 10 gallons of water in 48-hours healthy?" 👎

  7. If GlaxoSmithKline had a prescription drug for electrolytes she would point out that you can safely fast for weeks, but since salt is practically free…

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