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Just ROW IT! 10-Minute Follow-Along HIIT Row [FAT LOSS]

Just ROW IT! 10-Minute Follow-Along HIIT Row [FAT LOSS]

Just ROW IT! 10-Minute Follow-Along HIIT Row [FAT LOSS]

No excuses. Hop on a rower of any kind and row through this guided 10-minute HIIT routine!

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  1. Even though this video is a few years old now, I just found it while searching for rowing workouts.
    I've followed a few, but most are too technical or just don't really make you understand what you're doing.

    This was a good one, and reminding us it's okay to not be perfect is helpful, but to be mindful of form.
    As an LMT, my excuse for being unable to row is often my hands are aching painfully, but when I have a slow day or feel better, I like being able to jump on the rower, and having something to follow is very useful.

    I got a good sweat going from this one and felt my glutes burning (which I love).

    I'll def come back to this one again and check out any others you may have. 🙂

  2. Rowing isn’t something I do usually. I followed along and hope I did this right. Thanks for introducing me to something new.

  3. Thanks Coach. This is my go to workout when I am not feeling like I want to work out! It's the best and I am starting to actually get faster in that final 30 spm stretch. Thank you

  4. Just started my rowing journey for weight loss. I'm glad to have found your channel. I really like your follow along. They keep me engaged and also going hard during the workout. Thank you so much for releasing these videos. 🙏🏻 ❤

  5. Thankx I've been watching your vids and today I did the best workout ever, I was breathing all wrong on my rowmachine and rowing wrong. Now I'm feeling more confident in my rows and breathing I feel like the method you suggested is the best one so by far.

  6. Exactly what I was looking for without the legnthly explanations, advertisements and self ego. I'm new to rowing so found this ideo perfect and way better than the apps. Subscribing as you're worthy and I enjoyed you workout, so much I did it for 20 mins. Thankyou.

  7. I appreciate being able to just jump on and go without a whole narrative. I overslept this morning and literally on had about 10-ish mins. This was perfect.

  8. I watched the video of yours about bad knees (which I have) and I adjusted and came back to this video a week later (rest and rehab) it seems okay for now. Thank you!

  9. Day 2 Complete. It made more sense today: It isn't about rowing faster. It's about rowing harder. Hard push with the legs & pull with the arms & a soft/slow return. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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