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Kids Exercise: BURN FAT in 30 Minutes!

Kids Exercise: BURN FAT in 30 Minutes!

Kids Exercise: BURN FAT in 30 Minutes!

When it comes to fat decrease (burn) or weight loss during childhood, we can say that it is all about health.

It used to be the most active part of our lives, as it encompassed all external classic activities, but recently changes in our social behavior have led children to a much more sedentary lifestyle. The new challenge is to change this paradigm and for an online generation, nothing better than an online exercise video!

Take a look at todayโ€™s 30-minute burn fat workout and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to be notified when we upload new videos, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Good luck and letโ€™s begin the workout!๐Ÿ’ช

00:00 Victory Squat
00:33 Overhead Reach
01:07 Rest
01:29 Squat Arm Lifts
02:08 Rest
02:36 Ski Jacks
03:27 Rest
03:54 Side Deep Squats
04:45 Rest
05:27 Running Man
06:08 Rest
06:46 Side Leg Raise Right
07:31 Side Leg Raise Left
08:17 Rest
08:54 Side Lunge Windmill
09:32 Rest
10:04 Oblique Twists
10:51 Rest
11:24 Leg Lifts
12:04 Rest
12:37 Leg Drops
13:32 Rest
14:05 Jumping Jacks
14:49 Rest
15:50 Victory Squat
16:23 Overhead Reach
16:58 Rest
17:20 Squat Arm Lifts
17:59 Rest
18:26 Ski Jacks
19:17 Rest
19:45 Side Deep Squats
20:35 Rest
21:18 Running Man
21:59 Rest
22:36 Side Leg Raise Right
23:22 Side Leg Raise Left
24:08 Rest
24:45 Side Lunge Windmill
25:22 Rest
25:55 Oblique Twists
26:42 Rest
27:14 Leg Lifts
27:55 Rest
28:27 Leg Drops
29:23 Rest
29:55 Jumping Jacks

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