Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast | Fat Loss Hacks for Vacation

Lose Weight Fast | Fat Loss Hacks for Vacation

Lose Weight Fast | Fat Loss Hacks for Vacation

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0:00 Tip 3
5:11 Pre-Vacation Meal
8:13 Tip 2
12:03 Tip 1
15:43 Vacation Meal 1
18:01 Grocery Haul
22:06 Vacation Dinner!

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  1. You told of a salad dressing but I can't find it . I knoe it was avocado . I'm think it might be maple syrup an lemon but not sure could you print it for me please

  2. Hi from Upper Peninsula Michigan. I just moved here about 5 years ago (my husband is from here or else I would not be up here, I am from Lansing and had been living in Grand Rapids). This is some very beautiful country up here. Lots of waterfalls up north of us. But it is hard to find healthy foods. We drive some 60 or 100 miles to get some of the things we buy. We do have a co-op we purchase food from a place called Country Life Natural Foods that is in lower Michigan. We buy our bulk oats and rice from there, and many seasonings, nuts, nutritional yeast flakes, lots of other things. They are mostly a meat eating community around here, so lot of bar & grill places. But I did love your video I just watched with shopping at Walmart. We do shop there a lot. We actually like to eat organic as much as possible. The one thing I cannot find is organic corn tortillas. We do buy organic corn chips. I have not gone "no oil" yet. I just hit the submit button today to connect with you. Can't wait for our call on Tuesday.

  3. Hi Emmie it’s Dan, I just went on vacation and totally did not do what you mentioned in this video. I ate everything and anything and did not watch at all what I ate but it’s because I wanted to immerse myself in that culture. Not sure I would have followed it even had I watched it before. It is however helping now that I am back home as I try to pick up the pieces and get back on track. If things don’t work out I will be rejoining your program as I know it works well.

  4. That's interesting to know that the 50/50 plate isn't for life, because right now, 3 months in, i'm good with it. Fell off the wagon this week–my birthday, making pinwheels to take to a gathering (and having to bring so many back home) but I didn't go crazy with or about it, and tonight was back to potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and raw yellow squash. Thank goodness for summer vegetable abundance! 24 lbs lighter in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

  5. Marietta GA, not much WFPB here, but we have a Salata, a Moe’s, some Asian restaurants, a wonderful Breakfast restaurant Thumbs Up, that serves mostly SAD food, but has a little shining star, a tofu dish, with lots of veggies, you can get them to make it without oil, and I get some grits with that, just made with water, and the grits when mixed with the tamari sauce, creates a creamy sauce. It’s delicious. You have to be creative at restaurants to get what you need

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