Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight on GNC VITA PAK

Losing weight on GNC VITA PAK

Losing weight on GNC VITA PAK

How I lost weight on the VITA PAK

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  1. I bought this vitapak the other day but it doesn’t come with instructions it just comes with a meal plan so do I have to take the pack of pills all at once ? Or do I divide certain ones and take them through the day ? Someone pls help 🙁

  2. I heard bad reviews. I just bought it today. Did I make a mistake? Does it really help losing weight? I heard it makes you gain weight

  3. Diet and Exercise is a lifetime ordeal! There is no magical sugar pill that will replace any of that! To buy and stay in that fabulous house, you gotta have money! To get money, you gotta work for it! There is no substitute, period!

  4. Hey Tyrone I know that you made this video years ago but how have your weight been since…… hopefully this doesn't sound crazy:-)

  5. I love your video you explain it very well even though it's for men I have the women's ripped vitapak so most likely it will be the results………and i just wanted to tell you you are a very handsome man and very sexy.

  6. I just started the 30 day ripped vitapak. Yes is cost an arm and leg but I have noticed the first day I have ALOT of energy! Hopefully I can lose at least what you did in a months time. I have recently gained 60lbs and I have got to shed it. Congrats on your weight loss.

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