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Metformin and weight loss: Can metformin make you fat? #diabetes #health #medicine

Metformin and weight loss: Can metformin make you fat? #diabetes #health #medicine

Metformin and weight loss: Can metformin make you fat? #diabetes #health #medicine

#diabetes #PCOS #health #medicine #metformin
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In this mini-video, we will talk about:

What does metformin do to your body weight? And, can using metformin make you fat or lose weight?

If you are worried about gaining weight as a result of taking metformin, you can relax. Unlike many other antidiabetic medications that can make you gain weight over time, metformin has a little to no effect of body weight in type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, it is considered a weight neutral medication. Some studies have shown us that obese individuals may even lose weight while taking metformin. However, these people in these studies did not have diabetes. You can see the reference in the show notes.

Have you been gaining or losing weight with Metformin? Share your success story with everyone.

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This mini-video is a part of video series on metformin that covers the following topics:

– What is metformin?

– How does metformin work?

– When to take metformin?

– What are the most common side effects of metformin?

– When you should not use metformin?

– Metformin and alcohol – What’s the relation?

– Can using metformin make you fat or lose weight?

– And, answers to other questions that you may have.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The content on this channel is intended for general education only and should not be relied upon for personal diagnosis or treatment.
Study References:

1.Lentferink, Y. E., Knibbe, C. A. J., & van der Vorst, M. M. J. (2018). Efficacy of Metformin Treatment with Respect to Weight Reduction in Children and Adults with Obesity: A Systematic Review. Drugs, 78(18), 1887-1901.
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Video for How To Lose Weight Fast On Metformin
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  1. I haven't lost any weight since being prescribed metformin,but my A1c is back down to 5.5 instead of 14 which was dangerous. Seen an ad today for glucosofort it's suppose to reverse type2 diabetes. Has anyone else tried it yet?it's 50.00 bottle of. 30 pills.

  2. I’ve lost 50 pounds taking metformin I’m have type 2 diabetes…. But sadly life has thrown me under the bus I’ve gained all of it back 😑😭 but back on it again

  3. I have been on this meds for a month now and I am very constipated no weight-loss am I doing something wrong

  4. my normal weight lost while using metformin . for 2 months ihave lost 3 klos .im worried that my weight will continue to go down with metformin . its ok if im obese but im not coz my weight is just normal .

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