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My Experiences with Intermittent Fasting On Weight Watchers!!

My Experiences with Intermittent Fasting On Weight Watchers!!

My Experiences with Intermittent Fasting On Weight Watchers!!

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  1. IF lowers blood sugar, causes autophagy and generates stem cell. It promotes ketosis all of which arrests Alzheimer's, aids in the fight of cancer, etc. Rebuilds muscle

  2. Hi i love this i need to ask does IF mess with ur menstral i notice it does with me will it adjust

  3. Great video!! Very helpful. I’ve been on WW for two months and have seen great results. I’ve been on a 16:8 intermittent fast for a week now.

  4. I absolutely loved this helpful advice. Thank you so much. I started WW and am also doing intermittent fasting for the health benefits.

  5. I believe it is the hardest to fast during the day, so waiting till 3 or 5 pm is way too long, I’m trying intermittent fasting now too and trying to have dinner before 8 pm and than resume eating the following morning around maybe 11. It’s a little easier for me to have a break from eating late at night and in the early morning. I heard that intermittent fasting needs to be minimum 14 hours for it to work so I try to wait at least that long on some days when I’m hungry. 16 is the best so I’ll wait 16 if I can:) I also heard that it’s also beneficial to do it every other day if you can’t do it every day for some reason. Thank you for the video!

  6. I’m using the WW/IF combo. I eat many 0 point foods in my window and use my points for healthy fats just before I close my window. I love both IF & WW. Have you tried brewed coffee with some frozen into cubes, blend cooled liquid coffee with ice cubes until frothy. It tastes like creamed coffee but doesn’t break the fast.

  7. So excited to find your channel! Awesome, thorough & most detailed explanation I've heard, thankyou!!!!!! I have been struggling like crazy since I began WW, but I think I now know why..snacking on pretzels late at night, combined with not doing IF, and snacking on fruit all day, my insulin is probably going crazy & hating me lol! I'm so excited to implement a 18/6 with all your suggestions and choose low carb as soon as I start in my eating window instead of jacking up my insulin with a carb rush lol. I also need to drink wayyy more water. Thankyou so much for all the helpful info!! Excited to weigh in on Friday✌👏🤞🥂

  8. I just subscribed to your informative channel. I would like to go 16-8. If I started 3pm – I could eat until 11:00pm. I’m not in WW , so obviously I would be eat only healthy foods? I’m a night owl due to having a third shift job. I’m disabled and have been taken off work. I did have Bariatric surgery 2 years ago and am struggling . Should I talk to my Dr. first? During the 8 hours, are you allowed just so many calories? I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you!

  9. Such great info, thank you so much! Been on keto and IF and I really need the accountability and support WW offers so I’d love to mix the both

  10. My only concern, after watching the whole video, is this: If I do OMAD and fill up on fruit and, say peanut butter… and it comes to 16 points… 🤷🏻‍♀️ Will that be enough calories? I’ll have to play with this. I generally eat healthy but I freaking binge when on WW. It’s super-frustrating. I’ve always had binge tendencies since I was a kid and I’m 45. I got nothing to lose but 20 pesky pounds. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for the video. ❤️

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