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MY FITNESS JOURNEY | Losing Weight as a Teenager (What I Eat + Workouts)

MY FITNESS JOURNEY | Losing Weight as a Teenager (What I Eat + Workouts)

MY FITNESS JOURNEY | Losing Weight as a Teenager (What I Eat + Workouts)

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Workouts for Weight Loss
3:30 Calories: should you count them?
6:31 Intermittent Fasting CHANGED my body
7:58 Making up for Bad Days
8:42 Getting 10k Steps DAILY
9:25 Water Cured my Cravings

Research on Intermittent Fasting

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  1. I hope you guys were able to gain some insight from this video! PLEASE remember: I am a 14 year old girl, not a health professional! In this video, I shared what has personally worked for me through trial and error 🙂 please consult a health professional before making drastic health changes!

    also, u r beautiful JUST the way u r ! if u want to start a fitness journey, make sure it's for u and u ONLY <3

  2. hello, I don't mean to be personal but did you have a open heart surgery? i saw the scare on your chest and my mom has the same scare?

  3. I am 109 pounds and like rlly short 5’1 and I’m almost 14. My bff is sooo tiny and we are the same height. She weighs like 92 pounds and I want to be like that. How do I lose weight?!?

  4. It’s so nice to finally see someone around my age with a similar body type to me making a video about this 😭

  5. This is still super helpful!! I'm 14 and there's no sports available at my school, so my health has been declining because of my lack of activity. But this really gave me a solid routine! Thanks!

  6. I got fat because of my school canteen all the food their are msg but I'm doing school online. Can you guys tell me if this schedule is fine?

    Breakfast: coffee, chinese fried rice/udon.

    Lunch: red white rice , pork/beef, veggies Bak choi

    Snack: apple and yoghurt

    Dinner: rice, meat and veggies

  7. thank you annie, you are so motivational and relatable!! i’m the friend who’s basically has the most on their plate yet finishes the fastest and don’t have a proper workout routine either. so thank you for this video <3

  8. I use to have a lot of courage to workout but we have a small space and I don't want anyone watching me while I workout.

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