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My Weight Loss Journey | 50 Pounds in 8 months Walking

My Weight Loss Journey | 50 Pounds in 8 months Walking

My Weight Loss Journey | 50 Pounds in 8 months Walking

My Weight Loss Journey.
I lost around 50 pounds basically walking an hour every day. I decided to make a video showing the progress so I could look back at it and keep myself both motivated and accountable. I want to continue to live this healthy lifestyle and want to document the steps that really worked for me and also the times when it wasn’t easy. But if I continued to trust the process, I’d get to the goals I had set out for myself. While on this personal journey, I enjoyed watching other transformation videos on youtube so I decided to add my story to the mix to hopefully inspire and entertain others as they did me.

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  1. If you have time walking Six miles a day os better for weight loss especially if you weigh under two hundred pounds

  2. 45+ minutes EVERY DAY. Key factor to doing it every day is I can watch only when walking new Netflix shows. I can't wait to go walk just to see what's happening in the next episode. On my treadmill I use the Hill walk setting, it gets quite fast but good tempo right below jogging. Keep going!!

  3. When did you start to see any progress? I started walking last Monday but the weight still didnt move much. Is it going to happen after some time or am I doing something wrong? I walked like 6-9km a day

  4. This was an excellent video. Thank you for sharing your journey. I walk 10 miles daily and it was so hard at first, but now it's like breathing. Congrats on your weight loss.

  5. Great work. Picked up walking at the beginning of 2022. I was around 215 and just unhappy with how I looked and felt. Iā€™m sitting at 170 now, and want to keep going. The Apple Watch has really helped me stick to walking trends. I try to walk 6-8 miles on the weekdays and at least 10 miles on the weekends.

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