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My weightloss journey… How I lost 25+kg?!

My weightloss journey… How I lost 25+kg?!

My weightloss journey… How I lost 25+kg?!

the long awaited weightloss journey video you guys been asking me for xx
thank you for watching pretty
have an amazing day and i hope something good happens to you

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  1. I’m rn 75kg and I lost 5kg in two weeks by not doing anything and I don’t know rn what to do I don’t eat junk food but I still eat lot of and now I try not to eat a lot and drink more water do work outs and taking walk for 1hour

  2. she's a vibe and u know what she said made absolute sense…for me at least!!!
    i lost the idea of targeting and shit seriously ,if I'm gonna say I'll loose 3 kgs in a month and if that doesn't happen it sucks right? I'm gonna give this freaking time for myself.
    cmon mannn believe in yourself we can do it
    my current weight 77kgs
    goal 50 kgs ..
    that's it….
    let's do it homiess..

  3. The most down to earth honest and realistic video about weight loss and relationship with food I've ever seen. Thank you sis🙏

  4. The fact that im so fat I have no collarbone, and I literally dont have a single vein on my hand or my arms i literally find it so hard whenever dealing with medical stuff and I have no bones on my hand whatsoever
    Im working on myself
    Its not that easy
    I always wondered what id look like if I was normal like others 🙂

  5. Chicken, tuna, eggs and salmon are my new sources of protein now. I’ve seen a change and the calories are less too

  6. iv'e watched this video in 2020, 2021 and now 2022. my desire to lose weight is indescribable. i was 52kg as an 8year old. now i'm 16 and 86kg, i have never been so insecure in my entire life, iv'e done SO SOOO many diets throughout my life and none of them really worked. now everyone treats me with disgust for gaining weight after getting depression it's so annoying when it's something you can't just easily change about yourself, i force myself not to like my crush anymore cuz i feel like a disgusting ball of grease walking past her everytime, being fat really makes you feel like you're missing out on every single experience. ive been so fat my entire life that seeing skinny people makes me feel weird.

    i'm gonna start dieting and i'll update here

  7. I have added weight drastically because of eating and sitting around ,, currently 73kg my goal is 60kg ,,but I get so discouraged when I don't see the results

  8. Hey girl how tall are you? Congrats on your weight loss AND maintenance!!!

    I’m maintaining my weight while tryna lose the last 2 kilos!

  9. hey everyone… just today I checked my weight and its 81 kgs…. i feel so sad but this video actually motivated me… right now I set my weight goals 60 kgs…. wish me luck

  10. If I eat a big breakfast my stomach will stay bloated for the day so I usually do it opposite. Ik a lot of ppl say to eat a lot in the morning but I just can't deal with that honestly :/ I also can't stand going to bed not feeling full so I could never eat a light dinner either😬

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